Norns Mother (Organelle Patches on Norns)

There reference to it in this video (@6:50 mins) going through Orac but I have never tried.


The video says that you should be able to just plug hdmi into fates and get a programming interface. It has a method to program for norns and fates I guess I will use that, but it would be much better to use hdmi from the fates directly.

There’s some framebuffer shenanigans which depend on which Pi you’re using along with some dependencies which might not be installed (x-windows stuff).

I can do some poking at it later in the week.

If you have a computer and if you can ssh into your Pi, it could be more practical to do this remotely via VNC, that way you can directly edit the patch on your pc.
There is a nice how to on @TheTechnobear s sidekick project:

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Hi there folks,
first up -> what a great piece of work this is! Thanks for taking the time and effort to develop this nice patch!
I’m running the great Norns mother patch with the awesome “euclidean rhythms” patch for the Organelle. The norns recieves the clock and is syncing up nicely, but sadly the midi send isn’t working. There is no midi data sent at all - I changed the midi.txt to 8 8 16 16 (recieve on 8 - send on 16) but sadly it’s not sending any. The midi send of the patch works flawlessly when run on the original Organelle, so the patch doesn’t seem to be the problem. Has anybody any idea what could be the issue here?
Thank you all very much :slight_smile:

Hello again. Can anyone advise me as to the best way of uninstalling patches? I would like to remove some that are not working… Should I just delete them from the folder? Also, can anyone tell me what the [Organelle] folder’s original contents were? I want to delete all patches and start anew but I am afraid to delete some original content (I remember there were a few files in there before I started adding patches…) Thank you

So in case anyone’s running into similar issues - I launched the patch while ssh’ing into the norns and saw that on startup it couldn’t find the amidiauto and therefore couldn’t assign the channels. I installed it and it now works. The only issue I’m having is that the midi channeling ist not working right - it recieves on the channel specified in the midi.txt, but only sends on channel 1. Has someone experienced this before?

Yo @Oxbown !

revisiting this

Should CC28 expect to be a 0-127 value or a delta?

hacking with @Gerald_Stevens today and we made a Mother compatible midi mode for the OMX-27. :grin:

Wondering if there are other “Mother” patches that expect different things to emulate the encoder input. Gotta go poke around on the C&G forum and see…

Seems like the Expression and Foot switch CCs are somewhat out of sync with what the organelle does… and that overlaps on CC26

FWIW - here’s the Organelle MIDI info. The C&G Desktop Mother patch does the same

The Pedal Port
A pedal connected to the Organelle’s Pedal port transmits two sets of “control change” messages.
Controller number 64 transmits a controller value of 0 (zero) for any received signal below 64, and a controller value of 127 is sent for any received signal of 64 or above. This discrete, threshold behavior is particularly good for sustain-/damper-style pedals.
Controller number 26 transmits continuous values. While the general range would be from 0 (zero) to 127, the exact range of values may vary based on the pedal connected. This continuous behavior is ideal for an expression-type pedal.

Is anyone out there using the footswitch or expression CC inputs?

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Having a ton of fun with Norns Mother and revisiting some of the older Organelle patches I remember from when I had one! Was curious if anyone else had tried to get fluidLoops | Patchstorage working on Norns Mother yet or knows what it might take? Would love to have some soundfonts at my disposal on my shield even if via Norns Mother and not natively.

Could someone share the touch osc templates? Can’t seem to locate them…thanks!

Has there been any update on if this mode works with an op-1 hooked up to a norns shield, specifically getting the encoders working with op-1 knobs?

// I guess this is simpler than I originally thought. You can use the keys on the op-1 and the knobs on the norns, right? I think I’ll try to set this up tonight and play around with it.


Yes, this works. Used it with op1 yesterday

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do the encoders on the op1 work too, or do you use the ones on the norns?

I’ve only used Norns encoders. You might be able to map but I’m not sure…

how to use the 4th encoder in the Fates??? is not working on mine… is there a setting somewhere? Thanks!

Is there an updated list of Organelle Patches working on norns shield?
BONUS: using a grid while in Mother do we have some control on the loaded patch?

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i guess not but could be a good idea to make one!
maybe by creating a page under articles | norns community


i didn’t even know you could do this…excellent!

My shield is coming tomorrow, during the weekend I’m gonna test some organelle patches if I don’t get lost in norns scripts :))

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sorry guys i’ve made a huge mistake installing mother before than sidekick… now i can run no script (i can even found it in the select menu)

what should i do? uninstalling or what? and if yes how?

thanks and sorry for the noob question