Norns Mother (Organelle Patches on Norns)

I don’t modify your NuiLite Library, actual graphics are made at PD level (vumeters, faders, led dots, etc…)
Graphics like circles, text whit different font size, invert area, etc… cant be done with the actual library.


Yeah for graphics makes sense for some of this to be done at library level, and some ( more domain specific) to be down at pd level.

My intention was nuilite to have vaguely same primitives as the organelle OSC messages - at least as a starting point - though with some differences due to how the underlying implementations differ.


Had a go now, actually I prefer it to the Organelle with my QuNexus keyboard. Never really liked jamming with the wooden keys although they looked pretty. Great job!

Some test notes:

Tried @TheTechnobear’s rngs_reverb, but the UI was not visible. Audio came through though.

I’m getting short audio dropouts (or something that sounds like it) on Stereo Rhythmicon and Lo-Fi Piano. (Latest version Fates, no problems with the Norns side of software.) But when I tried Lo-Fi Piano a second time, couldn’t reproduce it. Rhythmicon does it consistently.

Mellowtron works great!


New Update v0.2.3

  • Better buttons/potentiometers behavior
  • Now NornsMother remember potentiometers values when closes and reopens (incl. Volume level)
  • More midi in support (volume, enc button …)
  • Better midi encoders behavior
  • Better performance (in general…)

Use “Update Mother” on Sidekick menu to update to the latest release!!!


Sorry. I am sure this is super-basic, but how do you localize the folder /home/we/sidekick/patches ?? so I can put there the patches.
I only see the folder \dust when I access in Finder (I use a Mac).
I have also tried physically extracting the microSD card and reading it, but I dont see the folders.

Ok, interesting question. Samba Norns server is limited to the /dust folder…
Thats what i did to modify this.

  1. ssh to norns
  2. locate the samba server config file, use this command:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

  1. Edit the line “Path =” , put like this:

Path = /home/we

  1. Save and exit (Ctrl+X --> Y —> ENTER)
  2. Reboot

sudo reboot

  1. Connect to the Samba server
    Captura de pantalla 2020-03-26 a las 16.32.13
  2. Enjoy
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Thanks for the detailed answer! Done. Now I can see my patches :grinning:

New Update v0.2.4

  • Full MIDI support (see NornsMother MIDI Map illustration)

You can fo this with cyberduck too if you dont want to ssh.

Its like a file brower with drag & drop

try this one…

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Thanks for the help. I succesfully solved it with the trick Oxbown showed.


@shellfritsch @ground_state @thopa

The modular PD synth works with Norns Mother :slight_smile:
killer converter thank you!
i made a patch, assigned the organelle knobs in the patch, saved it in Automatonism and dropped the whole Automatonism folder using Cyberduck into -> /home/we/sidekick/patches
here’s a very basic self generating modular test patch with knob 2 assigned to pitch.
Unzip first. You can also view it in PD on a computer also to see how it was made. (6.7 MB)


such a great idea!

thanks for sharing


here’s the patch in the video above (2.8 MB)

unzip and drop the whole folder using Cyberduck into -> /home/we/sidekick/patches
press and hold 3 buttons on Norns for 3 seconds to get to the sidekick menu.
scroll down with the first knob - “refresh menu”
scroll up, select “mlogger3” press the first button

if you get sick of the drums, try this one (6.7 MB) its like changing stations on a drone AM radio


Very nice work! Have to say it’s a bit weird navigating through patches in the place where I expect ecosystems (norns/orac/etc) but that’s a small price to pay.

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Quick question; where you get them knobs from!! Those are v-nice

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i love this (1.4 MB)
here is a 21 effect multi-effect unit based on marty brinkmann’s stuff
feed it an input
you’ll figure out the buttons

**patches tested on norns/sidekick will get the _n !



I rate those knobs, they feel great. You can get them from here - buy in groups of 10

Wow i missed this! Thats great news!
I still gave my patches from the organelle and automatonism :slight_smile:

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ok i’ve never used cyberduck before. if anyone has a second would they quickly walk me through this?
ok i figured it out… cyberduck is the most efficient way of doing this.