Norns Mother (Organelle Patches on Norns)

Norns Mother (Organelle Patches on Norns)


A combination of Pure Data files, plugins, externals and tweaks to make compatible the Organelle patches compatibles with Norns.


  • Norns/Fates/DIY Norns

  • Sidekick (this must be installed before installation).

  • Internet access (only for installation).

  • MIDI/USB Keyboard (Recommended).

Download & Installation

To download and install just ssh to your Norns machine

  1. Open Terminal and log into Norns (Default password: sleep)
ssh we@norns.local
  1. Copy and paste the following command line:
sudo curl | sh


Just open sidekick menu (but 1+2+3 for 5 seconds) , go to the “Organelle” folder, select a patch and enjoy!


  • Organelle Aux Button = Fates/Norns Button 1
  • Organelle Encoders (1, 2, 3) = Fates/Norns Encoders (1, 2, 3)
  • Organelle Encoder 4 = Fates Encoder 4 / Norns Button 3 + Encoder 2
  • Organelle Volume Potentiometer = Fates/Norns Encoder 3 + Button 3 (displays value on screen´s bar)
  • Organelle Menu Encoder = Fates/Norns Button 3 + Encoder 1
  • Organelle Menu Encoder Button =Fates/Norns Button 3 + Button 1 (NOT But1+But3)
  • Organelle Foot Switch = Fates/Norns Button 2
  • Organelle LED = Screen Upper Dots
  • Organelle Note Keys = Use a external MIDI/USB Keyboard
  • Organelle Expression Pedal = Use MIDI(MIDI section below)


Patches Installation:

  1. Download a patch (.zip format)
  2. Place it into the folder “/home/we/sidekick/patches/Organelle” (don’t use subfolders on this directory)
  3. Open Sidekick, go to “Refresh Menu”, enter to the “Organelle” folder. The new patch should appear in the list with the .zip tag on the name.
  4. Open de patch, sidekick will extract the files automatically and exits to the menu when it has finished.
  5. Now the patch should appear on the list without the .zip tag on the name.
  6. Open the patch…ENJOY!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tip: You can extract the .zip files on your computer and after transfer the entire folder to Norns


Norns mother is fully compatible with Organelle Patches <= OS2.1. other patches may not work properly.

If you see this message is because the patch is incompatible.


Go to sidekick menu, search for "Check for Updates”


  1. Open Terminal and log into Norns (Default password: sleep)
ssh we@norns.local 
  1. Copy and paste the following command line:
sudo apt-get remove -y nornsmother

Tested & Working Patches.

Minimoog , Juno-104 , Lo-Fi Piano , Combonelle , Overloop , Rampi , Rampi PB , 1008, BS FX PB, Children of Sample, Distributor, FX-13, LoFi PoliKeys, Roganelle 2, Stereo Rhythmicon.

Help us and post your tests on the comments


All midi signals are routed to channel 1, you can edit this on the file /home/we/sidekick/mother/midi.txt


Many thanks to Mark Harris @TheTechnobear for Sidekick and NuiLite.
Thanks to Blokas community for all of their work.
I’m from Spain so NornsMother born in Coronavirus quarantine time, there is not only bad things at this time :wink:


– EDIT –

I was too quick! I can see that you posted information on limitations!


Wow, that’s amazing @Oxbown!

I tried to run the Rampi patch, but it doesn’t work as it requires OS version 2.

I have also tried running XY and it requires OS version 3.

Try to run old patches, seach for patches before Organelle OS 3 date.


Running the Nice Surprises Poly and everything works, including the Aux button. Excellent work!

A have just found a bug in deb distribution, could you try run the following command and re-try to run rampi.

sudo chmod 775 /home/we/sidekick/mother/

Rampi now works! The <-- HOME is not working, but I guess this is expected?

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OK, i´ll fix this on the next update
Yes, <-- HOME is to go back to the organelle menu, we don’t have organelle menu!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, that’s what I thought! Again, excellent work :raised_hands:

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I´ll make a list of tested and working patches… Help me if you want :blush: :blush: :blush:


Enhorabuena! Thanks for sharing!

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New update (v0.2)

  • Fixes the bug

@Oxbown I have a done more tests and I am noticing a considerable latency with norns mother compared to Orac (e.g. try to load an instance of the patch Analog Style in both and playing via MIDI).

Could be the vumeters, I´ll try to deactivate them and meter the latency.

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It feels like this… only really works with Fates, given that the Norns platform only has three encoders?

An update is in the way to make it possible to use the 4º encoder on normal Norns.
Otherwise, you can use midi to control the encoders. I´ll publish the full midi map addresses.

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I couldnt get midi in working properly with some patches from my beatstep.

Did the aconnect l on terminal and my beatstep showed as connected to pd.

Also if you try use the old patches posted on orac like simple.pd an poly? The screen would show some lines doubled.

My fourth encoder on fates was working ok last night i think.

Ill keep on testing patches:)


Midi only works on channel 1, this can be changed manually on the file /home/we/sidekick/mother/midi.txt


20 char of gracias @Oxbown !

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All the patches shown on this video are compatible!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


New Update v0.2.1

  • New update procedure via sidekick menu!!! No more shh to update!!

If you are in version 0.2, update last time via ssh…