Norns Mother (Organelle Patches on Norns)

Aha! Thanks! That’s what was missing! Thanks again!

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Well got it loaded up with patches but nothing will launch. Hmmmm…

Did you reboot after the install?

yup. rebooted and still nada.

Can you post a few more details and go through a step by step how you are loading and what file you are loading from what folder and whether you unzipped to its own separate folder inside the Organelle folder.

to those of you in here (especially @TheTechnobear) who have had an organelle and norns (fates is what i am looking at) – do you think norns will get to a point where with a midi keyboard it essentially can do what the organelle v1 can do? is it possible or might it be eventually possible to use the pi output like the hdmi output on the organelle for ETC, other patching?

Hmmm well I used Cyberduck to put the unzipped Organelle patches in the /sidekick/patches/Organelle folder. I was loading batch of Organelle patches I saw online somewhere.

What I do is :
drop the unzipped folder in home/we/sidekick/patches/Organelle
in the main menu - press “Refresh Menu”
Then goto the Organelle folder and start the patch.
I do not load Orac to play the script.

After pressing Refresh menu, did the name of the script appear in the Organelle folder? Also was it in its own separate folder - I’m assuming it was from what you have said.

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i’ll try again with the unzipped folder. But yea i saw the names of the scripts in the Organelle folder.

aha that did it! Thanks again for helping this noob out! now to dig in!


Great, glad you got it sorted. I have a lot of Automatonism patches I need to go through and will post here when I get time.

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so basically fates plus a midi keyboard can replace my organelle v1?

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kinda, yeah? :slight_smile:

FWIW - I have a mechanical keyswitch keyboard (with pots) coming soon that is in the Organelle layout - so it could be used as a midi controller with orac/norns-mother + fates to do what the organelle does (I hope)


i too would like to do this too with the op1

is there a list of working and non working organelle patches?

Heya @Oxbown !

Are the MIDI Map CC numbers (28/26) for the Menu Encoder and Menu Encoder Button something standard for Organelle or Organelle patches? Or is this just something you’ve implemented in Norns Mother?

Looking at the Organelle manual - I don’t see those mapped anywhere and 26 is mentioned as “replace[ing] the current value used by the Organelle for an expression-style pedal”

Do you mean an upcoming DIY project to build such a thing?

I think they were set in the original mother.pd patch. I ran into this because I’d like to use my komplete m32 with norns mother, but the m32 stupidly has fixed cc’s . The first 4 match norns mother, but then they don’t.


Yep :grinning:


It just looks so USEFUL! Very excited for this to come to fruition!

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@okyeron original organelle mother has no midi input to control the Menu Encoder, but NornsMother has these controls.
I chose CC numbers 28 and 26 because I thought that they were free.

CC 28 (0 to 127) —> encoder turn
CC 26 (0 to 63) —> encoder button release
CC 26 (64 to 127) —> encoder button press