Norns - Mutable Instruments CVPal usability/compatibility? [SOLVED]

Has anyone used Norns (factory or DIY) with an MI CVPal?

I know there were some issues using it under some Windows versions because of the slow-speed USB emulation used (though it’s always worked fine in MacOS, apparently).

Interested to know if the same applies to Norns.

Oh, right! I completely forgot about that…

I guess, given that norns is essentially a linux computer, it’s not an issue; my limited experiments with QUENCE so far haven’t shown any of the timing issues which one might expect on e.g. Windows.

tested a long while ago, but it worked flawlessly.

others that might be good to weigh in:

also, @toneburst, I added more specifics to your title to catch more attention :revolving_hearts:

That’s encouraging, then :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!