Norns - Mutable Instruments CVPal usability/compatibility? [SOLVED]

Has anyone used Norns (factory or DIY) with an MI CVPal?

I know there were some issues using it under some Windows versions because of the slow-speed USB emulation used (though it’s always worked fine in MacOS, apparently).

Interested to know if the same applies to Norns.

Oh, right! I completely forgot about that…

I guess, given that norns is essentially a linux computer, it’s not an issue; my limited experiments with QUENCE so far haven’t shown any of the timing issues which one might expect on e.g. Windows.

tested a long while ago, but it worked flawlessly.

others that might be good to weigh in:

also, @toneburst, I added more specifics to your title to catch more attention :revolving_hearts:

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That’s encouraging, then :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!

I just got a clone of the Mutable Instruments Cvpal and wondering if anyone has used this to use norns as a sequencer for modular. I know crow is the other way to go, but will the cvpal have noticeable restrictions in comparison? All new to me so even limited functions will still be enough to learn!

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I use a cvpal with a factory norms and it’s always worked :+1:

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Yup same here, when I had one I used it a bunch with my Norns to sequence on the modular. No problems at all with it

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So I’ve got awake running midi to cvpal out out to modular, but alot of other sequencers I can’t seem to get going. I checked the devices to ensure cvpal was selected and also went individually into script settings for each one. For example, compass wouldn’t trigger any notes, but I assume it should work just like awake would? Any insight would be great!

Checked the midi out channels match?

Compass is a looper so isn’t sending out midi. Do you mean Dunes?