norns: new image 220306

Weird, after turning it on again today I had the jack fail error again. I unplugged and replugged the power cable in, and it booted normally. What the heck :slight_smile:

Is this jack fair error issue going to be fixed in an update ?

same here. getting a jack fail with esi midimate plugged in. norns shield 191106, pi 3b+

Jack fail on shield here too. PCB Version just before the latest board running a pi 3b+. Right after a fresh image install.

everyone, please post details. it’s likely these are not all the same problem and it’s hard to debug without more context.

  • is the fail consistent? how often does it happen? what are the conditions?
  • is it failing only with external USB devices, or always?
  • did it ever work? (ie, with previous image, or with same image? are you 100% certain you installed the right image?)

I have 2 USB devices connected to mine, fail was random at startup, used the shield pi3 cs 4270 version. Did not try without the USB devices connected yet. Previous images worked fine.

I can fairly consistently reproduce a “jack fail” on my shield running a clean image of the latest norns OS. I am using the correct image.

  • Latest OS
  • pi3B+
  • shield PCB 210330
  • powered by an 12w iPad power supply
  • RK-006 (midi device) & WIDI BUD (BT MIDI device) plugged in via USB

My shield would occasionally boot to a black screen before this OS.

Is there a way I can help by monitoring the startup process somehow?

@distropolis does this fail exclusively with the USB devices plugged in?

@tehn Yes. It seems to boot successfully without USB devices plugged in.

got it. we’re working on this now. i’d suggest renoving usb devices at boot until we get a fix.


Note same happens to me on 220129 mage.

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Yes this is not actually a new issue.

(I posted issue link somewhere above.)

But power draw at boot seems to be more unpredictable on rpi4 and on bullseye.

Obviously we will try and address it, but it’s still unclear how best to do that and it’s.likely that a patch to the actual norns userland stack will not suffice.

On the meantime, the workaround is to boot without devices,.then connect them. So far we’ve neither seen nor heard of any boot issues with <2 connected USB devices.


i haven’t run back into the “jack fail” thing again.

wondering if it’s because i always use a powered USB hub.
i always have a GRID and ARC directly connected and then everything else ( Mio MIDI, FaderFox PC12, WiFi thing) on a powered USB hub.


I have 2x Launchpad Minis and a powered USB hub connected, so I suspect it’s the former pair that cause the Jack fail; I just turn off the power and switch it back on and everything is fine from thereon in so far.

I didnt flash yet but wanted to ask a general question wich might be adressed with this update or allready present even w/o me realising.

Can i use a classic norns app like timber with a grid while also having a midi keyboard going into norns (shield), and send the midi out to another synth?
Leaving things plugged like this will ease my synth rebuild and lets me use the grid and sequencers with the external synth without replugging, efectivily this would be plugged constant behind a shared faceplate.

And my heart bleeds for not having systemwide earthsea in norns eco…i was so sure it would be a classic monome move to include this legendary pattern recorder. Just sayin:)

You could use Passthrough as a mod to send midi thru to an external synth. It was built for this purpose, you’ll just need a usb interface to connect with your synth from norns


Hey. I was trying to go through the fresh install steps. When I drag the norns220306-standard.tgz file on to etcher I get the following warning. Is this expected? If not, any suggestions?


Gah! I’m an idiot. I skipped the extract step.

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Hey If I have a regular norns 4gb can I skip the 7th step? with all the steps

  • Re-connect USB
  • Execute
  • Navigate down



Yep, I believe you can. Running it will have no effect, since your filesystem is the expected 4GB.

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Thank you very moch :smiley:

So, seems like everything went ok without any problems :heart:

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