Norns - not recognizing any external devices

UPDATE: Norns is no longer recognizing any external device. See details below.

have been using tape on norns to stash little ideas to come back to and getting them onto my computer via cyberduck. Today I went about this in the usual way, and cyberduck failed to connect due to a timeout issue. Further, I could not access maiden (either at norns.local, or via the numbered address). My connection on Norns is reading as between -23 and -19 dBm, which I understand to be fairly strong. I have made no changes to my network, my computer, or norns since last I tried to use cyberduck (yesterday).

When booting norns in hotspot mode, I can access maiden as normal, but cyberduck still gives me a time out error.

I’m on a PC.

What do?

factory norns or shield? i was running into seemingly the same issue on a factory norns and swapped out the wifi nub that came with it for this Panda Wireless one and it fixed all my connection issues.

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Factory! I’m actually using an antenna really similar to the one you’ve linked above, have been since March without issue (in four different residences, no less!).

Thanks for the reply!

oh bummer. this might be a really basic IT type suggestion, but you could try deleting the network and adding it again. that worked (temporarily) before I got the new antenna. otherwise hopefully someone more knowledgeable chimes in.

gave it a shot but no dice D=

I sometimes forget to make sure to choose SFTP at the protocol. Perhaps this is your problem? It is annoying that it doesn’t remember my choice next time. To be fair, I did not register (pay).

try specifying the ip address instead of norns.local ?

@tehn @corpusjonsey both possibilities already explored, unfortunately (I’m def selecting SFTP, and was always entering the full IP instead of norns.local).

Hopefully tomorrow it’s less cranky.

Windows can have issues with network folders from time to time. Rebooting helps. That’s an annoying workaround I know.

That said, on win10, I use smb and just browse to Norns and operate on files direct from there. Works very well. Check the docs for details.

Setting up to try this this afternoon, and my norns is no longer recognizing its external antenna deal at all (although, when I plug it into my computer, it seems to be working fine).

EDIT: On further investigation, Norns is not recognizing any external devices via USB. This was not the case yesterday (when my grid + wifi antenna were both working).

I have recently started using a USB switch to toggle a grid between norns and ansible and have had no problems doing so over the past week, but it’s the only change made anywhere in the system prior to this difficulty arising, and since it’s now looking like an overall USB issue (or else I’m dealing with two separate problems with very based timing), I’m wondering if that could be the culprit / what the fix might be…

I’m going to investigate some sort of full norns wipe and reset later this evening, as there is nothing on there worth risking the whole system’s integrity. If there’s any insight on what I may have done that could create such a problem, I’d love to hear it, so that I could avoid it in future, but I’m pretty lost here…

update 2: looks like the equivalent action to factory reset requires communicating with the device over USB, and since I can’t access the USB ports… dOoM?


hey william — i’m sorry to hear about the trouble :confused:

this sounds like a potential usb hub issue — if you haven’t yet, shoot an email to and we’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:


Done and done thanks Dan :slight_smile:

This product solved my long suffering norns wi-fi problems. The first extender I got was a dud, but they replaced it and the second one significantly improved the wi-fi reception on my Norns. Thanks for the recommendation!