Norns not responding to grid button presses all of a sudden

hello- i have 2 norns and 2 of the latest 128 grids. both norns are on the latest software update. yesterday i did several hours with the grids and norns working perfectly. i packed everything in my bag, came home from the studio and set up again in my living room.

now the grid button presses are not recognized on either norns! the grids give light feedback for several apps. i can switch grids on the norns and the same result.

i have tested the norns with other grids (greyscale 128 and latest edition 256) and button presses are recognized on these grids. i have tested both the latest edition 128 grids on my laptop and button presses are recognized.

so it doesn’t seem as if the norns are broken, and it doesn’t seem as if the 128’s are broken. it just looks like for whatever mysterious reason (and with no event i can point to other than packing and unpacking my setup) both norns fail to recognize button presses on either grid.

my only idea is to delete the preset in the grid device menu on the norns. there is a greyed out listing there of each grid serial number, as if it somehow is remembering them and then when i select that grid in the menu and connects it to the norns, maybe it somehow has a lingering bug which isn’t allowing the (functioning) grid to be fully engaged?

thanks for any ideas of what the hell might be going on!!!

p.s.- ah yes, also to say, i have reset both norns. my only other idea to fix this is to upload the latest operating system again on each machine?

hold up- new information… tried to connect the 256 again and now same result… no button presses recognized but light feedback on the buttons. it seems that in the device + grid menu on the norns that each time i try to connect a new grid it is just populating the list farther and farther down all the time. meaning, on that menu there is an option for 4 grids to be attached… i only ever try to connect 1 grid on 1. there. now all 4 slots are filled with ghosted out serial numbers from the latest grids i’ve tried to connect. so it seems the bug is on the norns properly selecting which port i am connecting to virtually or whatever that means?

this sounds absolutely weird.

try SYSTEM > RESET which will clear out the device data (basically it deletes dust/data/system.state)

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this actually happened to me once before- but then there were much more major problems which added to the problem. that’s when you remoted into my laptop to save things!

i had reset both my norns earlier today to try and fix the problem as part of the troubleshooting process.

however, since you mentioned it in your comment here, i tried it again. no luck at all, same behavior as before. after trying a bunch of other things, i went back and tried the reset yet again- and this time i realized one thing… after the reset, when i would go to the device/grid menu, it was still populated with greyed out serial numbers! so clearly the reset wasn’t erasing the data there.

2 more resets on one norns and 3 more resets on the other norns finally cleared out the files. there also seemed to be some sort of order i needed to plug in the grid vs. turning on the norns, vs. selecting the grid in the menu and having it recognize button presses instead of only showing light feedback. so, for the moment, i was able to get my setup up and running again like i’ve had it for the past few weeks.

only one thing springs to mind, and it was a problem i encountered before which you had to fix- i cannot figure out why (even now that i know about it), but i have a problem with static electricity in the studio where i’m rehearsing. every time i leave the area where the norns are, and go juggle, when i return to the norns i frequently shock the units or the grids with my finger tips. of course i noticed this immediately and try everything in my power to prevent this from happening. but it still occasionally sparks. i know this fried my grid years and years ago, and i’m wondering if something about static electricity could have half-fried some of my hardware now to cause this sort of behavior??

Just wanted to add another datapoint here. This happened to both of my 128 varibrite grid while I was using the Animator script. Luckily, system->reset in the norns fixed it.


I’m experiencing a similar issue here. Grid has been working fabulously and suddenly has stopped being recognized by both my factory Norns and my Fates. I reset both, but no dice. Everything lights up as expected when plugged in, but then does not show up in the grid menu. Any ideas what to do here?

I’m using the latest grid with usb-c.

hi hi! hope all’s well otherwise :slight_smile:

unfortunately, this is typical of a situation where the usb port needs to be reworked. power (what animates the light burst) and data (what reads pad presses and writes LED states) are separate lines – it sounds like power is intact, but data is not.

very sorry for the trouble – this is not DIY-friendly, but is we can arrange quick service via

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Ahh. That makes a lot of sense. Sent a message to help.

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