Norns on Raspberry Pi



looking forward to see it!!


uh ok. thank you.
don’t know how long it would have taken for me to figure that out!!

Edit: Ok got it running. Just deleted the lines 553,554 in norns/lua/menu.lua


think about it in terms of PAGES, left/right, where HOME is the second page from the left. like an old old ipod.

this metaphor would be stronger with some animation while navigating, but burning CPU on animation…


The website says
Go BACK from home to see the LEVELS screen.

Which makes me think push button 1, not button 2. Just gotta reinforce that button 2 is BACK


yeah, i understood the metaphor, just for some reason it doesn’t stick with my muscle memory yet… especially when i start using tape :slight_smile:

another one i have ‘trouble with’ is selecting a new patch in a different folder
say your playing earthsea, and you want to go to flin
you have to do
key 1 (menu), key 3 (forward into select) , key 2 (back up a folder ) key 3 (into new folder), key 3 (choose flin) , key 3 , start it.

the thing about this , is the select step, when you choose ‘select in menu’ if feels like your going into a submenu, but then you press back (key2) … which you’d think returns you back to the menu, but it doesn’t, it now takes you up a level in a folder.
(so it kind of feels like a break in the hierarchy)

but im sure it will all come once ive played with it a lot more.


@TheTechnobear: did you use cairo_scale for the push display?

If yes, I´m curious how it turned out. I played a bit with cairo_scale but didn’t get a clean/sharp image

and did you find a explanation for the governor issue?


looks ok on the Push 2… but the Y axis is only doubled. (and I keep the same aspect ratio)
governor, not looked, as its not affecting me, Im assuming the norns-init.service needs to be dependent on the raspi-config service. tell me if you work it out.

ok, here is a quick demo video , Ive put together, showing where Im at :slight_smile:


Great work! Looks good!


thank you - Im actually really happy with how its turned out…
the push 2 is pretty large, but it does feels great for this.

its been great to explore patches others have made, and generally the norns platform.

but perhaps even more, Im looking forward to making more use of the push2 features (in native mode)
… the pads are great (and have both velocity and poly pressure) , and all the buttons have some interesting uses (e.g. dedicated volume, tempo, switching) … and then the display :slight_smile:

Norns using LUA really opens this all up quite easily, just pickup the current SC engines, then write your own UI for it. you can see in the video, where Ive been playing with paramsets to do this - whats really nice is the because they are encoders you can use deltas BUT they have the native acceleration of the push2, so they feel ‘spot on’

anyway, Im not sure there are many push 2 owners out there, but hopefully it serves as a kind of demonstration, that you can interface norns to any controller you may have.


Really looking forward to getting this going. I have a push2, pisound and grid but keep making silly mistakes during the build that breaks the install. Will hopefully get a chance to look at it this weekend!


cool, you will need to use my norns fork, and then switch to the push 2 branch, then it should work ‘out of the box’.

however, I should ‘manage expectations’ a bit.
whilst its fully functional (as seen in video) and I do actively use it,
I view this a development prototype that I’m using to explore the norns platform, both functionally and its underlying code, and as such have no bandwidth to support, nor release it.

Also I’ve no immediate plans to seek its inclusion into the Norns main code line, as I think the Norns dev team has other priories at the moment, nor do I have time to ‘go thru the process’. also its probably a bit premature given how ‘new’ Norns is and its at the beginning of building its community.

but as I say, it all works, so this is just a ‘caveat’, because I have other projects which require my time… and this was kind of done as ‘a bit of fun’ :slight_smile:


Important safety tip - don’t just randomly run rpi-update!

This apparently hosed my kernel module stuff for the SH1106 OLED :cry:


Rebuilt my pi setup today and ran into this error trying to build maiden

we@norns:~/go/src/ $ go build
./main.go:189: file.Size undefined (type *multipart.FileHeader has no field or method Size)
./main.go:260: undefined: url.PathEscape

seems like this is killing the install… Any help?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is due to an old version of Go. Check you’re using v1.10.3.


go version go1.7.4 linux/arm


Cool, try updating it to v1.10.3.

Hopefully that solves your problem!


If I could figure out how to update :laughing:

Aha - I finally found the right page on the go website


sudo apt-get install golang

will get you that old version


Yeah, I forgot to mention clearing it is a PITA,

Pretty sure i had to use these instructions to get rid of Go entirely, before the clean install would work

Lots of the repos on Raspbian are like that though, they’d rather have a safer, more stable software package that doesn’t break as easily than a cutting edge one with the latest updates but falls over and can take other things with it.


Wow - ugly.

now I can’t get it working with 1.10.3

-bash: /usr/local/go/bin/go: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

is the regular linux binary the right one for RasPI?


EDIT: Oh crap - do I need go1.10.3.linux-armv6l.tar.gz instead?

EDIT2: Yup - I’m a bonehead. now I’m back in action.

go version go1.10.3 linux/arm


When building maiden - should a maiden directory be created in the user ~/ directory (by the install scripts)?

after running

glide install
go build

I can run maiden test from the /home/we/go/src/ directory, but it won’t start on launch as the norns-maiden.service is looking for it at /home/we/maiden/maiden

I seem to have done this correctly the first time, but now (the second time around) I’m very confused