Norns on Raspberry Pi



Maybe you did the build in the wrong folder?


Unless you are actively trying to modify maiden I’d highly recommend just using the prebuilt builds on GitHub.

The maiden project is not setup to be built and run in place on the device. It is setup such that development/build happens on a secondary computer with the end result copied over to ~we/maiden


If you check out @TheTechnobear notes, he includes a step where you create a symbolic link to the folder with

cd ~
ln -s ~/go/src/


this is a bit off-topic, but what does one have to do to add a controller definition so that it’s usable in the lua scripts? I haven’t found the code that does the communication with the grid, yet. I wouldn’t mind implementing the same for the arc (i’ve implemented the serial protocol for it before in other languages) and I’ve got a bunch of other controllers I’d really like to use. A list of necessary steps or files to look at would be very much appreciated!

Exceptional work, by the way. Especially considering how quickly all this happened.



read back in this thread for mentions of “cairo” (the screen library) - much more detail there

the code that does the screen communication is in Matron.

As far as I can see you should be able to put your own code in there and get it to talk to any screen. in theory the cairo code is a simple screen writing library too - so in fact IF that can write to your screen then it’s just a case of pointing the code at a new device

(although my current scheme is trying to find some money for a second hand push 2 rather than writing code :slight_smile: )


@scanner_darkly has a PR in the norns repo for arc support right now, go check it out!


i’ve closed the arc support PR for now as i ran into some issues that looked like they would take time to investigate and i didn’t want to get sidetracked until TT 2.3 is out.

@x2mirko if you want to give it a try here is the PR:
there are comments in the PR, the main 2 issues are:

  • if you create a script using arcenc it works but if you resend the scripts from maiden it throws errors and it doesn’t respond to arc anymore
  • connecting grid and arc sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t

Norns: help

Yeah - I just found that in @TheTechnobear notes - - I had missed in my own install notes.

Thanks for the confirmation


So, my PiSound just showed up.

Interesting side note, for anyone considering that:

Don’t snap the knobs into place, if you’re planning to use their acrylic case. They don’t come off again, and the faceplate has to go under those.

I’m thinking about slicing a staight line across the lid, splitting the two holes, so I can slide the pieces into place and close the box.

That won’t do much for structural integrity.

The other option, I guess, is to widen the two holes by, like, a lot.

* shrug *


Oh, that’s odd. I’ve taken my knobs off and on a few times, only got it a few weeks ago too so it should be a similar batch. Maybe the knobs are just on really tight for you?


Oh, they definitely are.

The warning still holds, though, even if I’m an outlier.


Mine stick very tightly to the pots as well. I had to pry them off with a piece of plastic.


A generous spraying of WD-40, and four bruised fingers later, I got them removed. :sunglasses:

Mixed feelings about the case, as it means removing four* mini screws and two knobs to move the faceplate, to remove one of the side panels, every time I want to change the SD card.

*(technically, three, as I’ve already managed to lose one of the mini screws.)

Long term, that won’t be an issue. But it could be a pain during the testing and troubleshooting part of all this.

More so, since I’ve got two or three separate projects I’d like to try with this hardware…


Yep, I just put the case on last night and then thought about the fact that I only have a 16GB card in there… Not ideal.


SD Card extender ?

Used these with a Disting and worked well :slight_smile:


Pro tip: to change the SD card in a PiSound case: Just unscrew the bottom plate. Then take off tge MIDI side and: easy access to the SD card!

If I’m fiddling with cards and images, I usually just put two screws back in when reassembling.


Just as an aside, It took me awhile to realize that the blue tint on the pisound case is actually a plastic wrap that you can take off.


Yeah, I caught that myself about an hour ago.


Fun realization today:

The monome/linux distribution is raspbian stretch 4.9.59 (2017-11-29). This version of stretch will not boot on a Pi 3b+ It works just fine on a Pi3b, but the plus won’t get past the bootloader. The current stretch version 4.14 (2018-04-18) works just fine on the 3b+


Well, that’s unfortunate.