Norns on Raspberry Pi



Would osc.c overwrite osc.c in matron/src.?


Yes, norns/matron/src/osc.c

This is the first version that works properly with the TouchOSC interface I knocked up. @TheTechnobear was right, the data stream gets a bit out of hand so there might be one more revision to implement a change, but this should get you started.

There’s probably also a cleaner way to implement it, but if it ain’t broke etc.

osc.c (4.1 KB)


awsome is there a way to get back to the menu after you have opened an engine?


That should have some information for you. Typically key two should take you back.


still having problems with this, i can back up to levels from menu but cannot go back to menu (key 1 short press) once in a sound engine ie Awake?


From levels, press key 3 to get back to the menu.


i mean if i am in say Awake and i want to go back to Menu, parameters etc?


From a script key 1 will get you back to either the menu or Levels, depending on which one you visited last. If it takes you to levels, you just need to press key 3 to move back to the menu.

Key 1 changes between script and menu. Think of key 2 as left and key 3 as right. Levels is left of the menu.


hi there just getting to grips with buttons do they need pull up resistors from 3.3v


sorry justmat am using osc and having problems jumping between scripts and menu thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:


getting 96% cpu usage using passerby giving me some audio artifacts/glitchyness, but goes down to 60% if i turn off the system fx. is there a way to make this use cpu core 2, 3 or 4 as they are between 1 and 10%


i assume your on a rPI3…

if your not seeing all cores being used, Id check that your using supernova rather than scsynth,
this was changed in the last but one release

(for reference , I see around ~30% cpu on all cores running passerby)


yes am using supernova


i built the linux kernel from this:

git clone --depth=1


heres what im seeing

… you can see all 4 threads nicely even loaded,
generally I think its performing excellently, not had any audio drop outs at all.
(I did upgrade to the PI3B+, so that gives me a useful bit of headroom over the norns hardware :wink: )

we@norns:~ $ uname -a
Linux norns 4.14.62-v7+ #1134 SMP Tue Aug 14 17:10:10 BST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

sorry, I did all the setup quite a while ago now, so not quite sure what I finalised the kernel parameters on,
i did quite a lot of back n forth on pre-empt, I think i turned it off in the end.
and just made sure that the scaler was on performance, as has a nasty habit of switching back to on demand on booting up!


which linux image did you use to git from

git clone --depth=1

does not seem to be working?


I didnt use the norns kernel image at all… no need, as im not using any of the same hardware as them,
so stock rPI kernel source is fine (already includes pisound which im using as audio interface)

then I just tweaked the kernel parameters to what seemed reasonable, but honestly, your probably pretty much ok, on the stock kernel settings, as long as you can override the scaling governor.


getting somewhere though the cpu usage seems a bit high, anyway no artefacts :slightly_smiling_face:


are you running the latest supernova build from monome?

I recently updated to the latest norns release, which included a new build of supercollider/supernova.

also I wonder, why your priorities are higher than mine, -91 vs -71 … I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference as its all relative, but just curious as to why :slight_smile:


I’ve been away on vacation for a few weeks and I’m trying to get back up to speed…

What’s the general approach to the newest updates (181002 and 181023)?

Should I skip the following in the update script?

sudo cp -r kernel/lib /
sudo cp -r kernel/boot /

Do I need to make some changes manually to get those kernel updates?


depends how you doing things,

I update norns/dust from git, and build it again
I then download the updates, and check the to see what changes have been made, particularly if packages have been added or updated.

( I don’t run the as I do not want the norns kernel, I use my own kernel build)