- crowdsource your norns

had a dream that norns could be everywhere. accessed from the internet. a crowdsourced music box.

not sure why this would be useful, but tried to make it nonetheless.

currently my norns is offline. anyone can access my norns here (for limited time probably): click on the screen for the twitch stream.

here’s a demo when it was online:

is it fun? for some reason, yes.

is it useful? i don’t know.

could it be improved? absolutely.

are there instructions for it? yes:

but why? why not.

how does it work? lots of hacks. but really: norns is running a service that connects to a relay that talks to a webpage. screenshots are sent to the webpage and input commands are received.


OMFG THIS IS exactly my dream following with great interest


you are a mad scientist. absolutely incredible.


@infinitedigits I love the absurdity :clap: You’re on fire! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next.


Woah! Are we sharing control of it together?

Also, would this create a security issue/concern if I install it on my own Norns?


yeah. everyone is controlling my norns simultaneously. one day there cuold be a script that is good for “crowdsourcing”.

in general, i would say no but i am not as paranoid as some.

how it works right now is that anyone with your address (e.g.<youraddress>) can access your norns. right now they only have control of all the inputs but the data is sanitized before execution so they can’t execute arbitrary lua code (like to do rm -rf /). however, people can use the inputs to go into the menu and reset stuff.

an improved version might be to make menu diving optional so you can keep crowds stuck in a particular app without access to the system stuff.


So cool! Reminds me of Twitch Plays Pokémon ←←→AA↓→B↑START→B↓←←←A←↓ :joy:

“why not” is the best attitude


This is awesome

You should do a patreon !

I’m thinking : with a computer connected on the website and with some device that can control the mouse / keyboard

We could do awesome things where the audience act on the music (wii mote, makey makey, touch me, etc…)


this is crazy cool! +20 characters

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my norns is back online and streaming:

right now its a bit hack to use this and it requires ssh. i believe i can make it a norns app to make it really easy to use for anyone. to gauge interest:

make this a norns script?
  • yes

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its now a norns script:


(me in bed, literally 15 feet from my norns)
“Ha ha online norns goes brrrrrrrr”