Norns osc control m4l device

Inspired by the cheat codes 2 m4l device, I got the idea of making one for norns’ global params.


download norns_global.amxd

Any suggestion on the look & feel is welcome. This is my first m4l patch so there might be some stuff that could be done better.

I plan on making others for e.g. passerby and molly_the_polly.

Collaboration is welcome.


this is really cool
what an awesome idea!

layout looks fine to me

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Ah! This looks really good. Right - what I need to know is the best way to hook this up from Ableton to Norns.


You just have to have your norns connected to the same network as you computer running ableton.

Then just change the IP in the top left of the m4l device to match norns’. Norns’ IP can be seen from its global menu, by pressing K2 on the 3rd screen.