Norns PadKontrol sysex - solved

Hi, first post and this question makes me feel incredibly stupid. I need help understanding the following document from Korg:

Entering native mode and controlling the leds seems to work fine:

What I do not understand is, how to make the pads send note data, instead of sysex.

Table 3, sections 6 - 8 seem to contain the answer, but I am too stupid to translate the information into a sysex command :hot_face:

Since this is a very old topic, all practical information in the web is gone. The stuff I found on github seems only to bother with the LEDs.
To say it with the words from Princess Leya: You are my only hope!

Ok, I had the chance to chat with a colleague about this.
I thought that the values described in table 3 of the Korg midi implementation chart where Hex while the B does actually stand for Bit :man_facepalming:.
So B6 is not to be read as “0xb6” but “1000000”.
Apologies for everyone who had to read this thread. I feel much smarter now though😁