Norns: pmap questions

Is it possible distribute a default pmap with a script install?

Seems like this would not work on current maiden process which drops a whole repo into dust/code

Can you save multiple pmaps (like configs) for the same script?


Are pmaps saved automatically or in conjunction with saving a pset?


I was wondering about this, too.

Your script could copy default preset from the script folder to /data, then load it, on init(), I guess.

Alternatively, you can just put the preset in the same folder as the script (or /lib/etc.) and load it from there, I think.

They’re not saved automatically. You can set a metro to save them on a schedule though. I do that for state-recall with the script I’m working on now.

Still looking for an answer to this part.

Do I need to check to see if the pmap exists, then create it with pmap.assign() + pmpa.write() functions on init() ?