Norns pre-2.1.0 status

quick update on the approaching 2.1.0:

looking to post a new release in a couple weeks (!)

looking to cut down the issue list which is, well, long.

looking for contributors that might have time and want to help push the internals of this ecosystem forward. many issues are aesthetic, documentation, and usability. there are certainly various programming languages at play (and we’d love help on all of that) but also proofreading and doc writing and testing is super super helpful.

  • see the good first issue list on the main norns repo. if you’d like to jump in and help, please self-assign and feel free to ask questions and discuss further within the issue thread.
  • maiden also has a bunch of sprinty possible improvements, and i know there are a bunch of web-smart design-smart people hanging out here
  • of course PR’s on issues outside these lists would be also rad

quick future roadmap summary!

  • 2.1.0: clocks, screen optimization, maiden features, globals cleanup
  • 2.2.0: param menu massive overhaul, global clock system
  • 3.0.0: universal engines (ie, pd, standalone dsp, etc)

Whoa! Excited to have just bought a Norns and to see the plans for the future.

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Amazing! I’ll pick a few issues.


What can i do to help with clocks examples or docs?

Seems like we still need a function to set internal tempo, but I’m not sure how to implement that as with my testing so far I’ve not been able to change _clock_internal_set_tempo

small bump for new eyes.

@zebra just added post-playback filters to softcut. super super rad. (i must resume the softcut studies as a priority!)