Norns Presets on Boot

From what I can tell reading through material and searching the presets that are used for a script save the options, which works now on my DIY Norns after the latest update. However if I reboot the Norns and reload the script the last preset isn’t loaded and I need to load it up again. Is there a way to load a preset that loads with the script?


hey! this is a good question – perhaps something to consider formalizing on the system-level (aha! it’s already been mentioned).

right now, this is all handled in the individual scripts. you could modify the init() of a script, though: Norns Script Saving Script State

workable version

get the script into the state you’d like and execute params:write(SOME_NUMBER) in maiden’s command line – that’ll save the parameters into whatever preset slot you identify.

for example, if you execute params:write(99), you’ll see something like:

pset >> write: /home/we/dust/data/ash/playfair/playfair-99.pset

then at the end of the script’s init() function, add:

params:read(99)      -- reads the preset
params:bang()        -- applies the preset

this is an interesting need, i’m really glad you asked about it. i’m curious what others think. i recently added some “restart-proof” parameters to a script this weekend, so folks could set up a MIDI device in a specific way and roll through presets and restarts without needing to re-adjust those settings. these considerations are important for creating consistency across sessions.


commented in the gh issue-- this is a feature direction definitely worth investigating. thanks for the bump.

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