Norns Python

Quick question: does Norns have Python installed, by default, and which version, if so?

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Absolutely, any decent GNU system has Python :snake:. It’s 3.5 if i remember correctly, and Python 2 is there too, I believe 2.7 (I’m not at my norns to check).

Norns is a full-featured GNU/Linux machine, so you can see it either as a synthesizer to play or as a server to admin, or preferably both :smiley:

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Good to know, thanks @xmacex.

I have servers to look after at work, so prefer to think of it as a programmable music/audio box :slight_smile:


Just like musical instruments remind us that each and every human has the gift of music inside, so does each and every computer have the capacity to be a musical instrument – servers too have an beautiful synthesizer inside wanting to be set free and to sing in FM! :rainbow::notes: