Norns - Saving a PSET

so i was uaing FoulPlay tonight and wanted to save all the work i had done.

went to save it and named the PSET: DRM mkIII
(since that’s what i was wired up to)

did some more noiz work and then went to go save it again…but it automatically put in the name FoulPlay instead of just allowing me to keep the name “DRM mkIII” and just update my already saved PSET.

am i doing something wrong here?

This confused me as well. PSET #1 is the default setting I think. Try to save to location # onwards. It will keep the name you input and work like you’ll expect it.


Ok, I was wrong. That does not seem to be true. I got confused with the way presets were handled in previous versions.

I did give it a more thoughtful round to see how the PSET saving really works, and I have to admit that it’s weird in many ways, but mostly for how it’s been handled by the individual scripts.

Some scripts seem to work properly when ti comes to saving presets, some don’t. For example Molly the Poly does work as expected. You can save to all slots, use any name you want and when overwriting a preset it will keep the name. Others like for eg. Moln, act weird. I think we need to send the bugreports to the relative script developers, though.

Common issues I’ve noticed across scripts:

  • When you save to slow #1 you can only name the PSET with the name of the script. For eg. with Moln, whatever I write into the field the preset will always just be called “moln”.
  • locations other than #1 seem to work at first. But when you try to overwrite the preset, you’ll get presented with the default name again.
  • If I try to save, but change my mind before hitting OK, the preset will be saved with the script name as the preset name, even if I had given it a different name earlier. The same happens when saving a new preset.
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git issues:

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thanks. I’ll refer to those if I find any more clues!

Hi ! I have accidentally deleted a PSET in my Reels script and would like to know if there is a way for recover it ?

Thanks :slight_smile: