Norns: scripting

The suggestion Zebra and Matt gave me got rid of the error and is a lot closer to what I remember 1.0 sounding like for me

As far as the soft clipping goes I think I was running the signal in too hot. What I was hearing pass through was different than what it was recording at contrary to setting the monitor value to match the input level. (which is how I would set it in 1.0)

I just lowered the input value on the audio page down to around -6db under what the output and monitor are set to and its actually sounding pretty damn close to what’s going into the buffer.

From the very beginning of all of this I was trusting the graphical meters too much when setting the initial input levels. I’ve just ran 2 tests with different sources and its sounding pretty damn good now. Im so relieved. I really love Norns and didn’t want to have to abandon sampling functionality.

In the future then I would assume that I’ll need to modify scripts that use softcut with the filter functions to keep it as close to the original signal as possible yes?

I will fix the filter defaults, I apologise for the trouble. in the future you should not need to edit scripts just to get expected functionality :slightly_smiling_face:

also the VU meters need some improvement… I’ll make a ticket for that


No need for apologies at all. Although some of this was a bit frustrating its also helping me learn which is very welcomed. Again I appreciate all the help here from everyone.


I don’t really know how the new Library system works. What’s the format for posting a script to this forum?

if you make a new post in the library section, a template should pop up with everything you’re supposed to include!

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the “about” is at the top of the Library category: About the Library category

Ah ha! That could be helpful if added to the pinned post. It only refers to “the template”, perhaps “the template after clicking new post”?

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Not sure if this is the place, but how does the clock work vs metro? I’m trying to sync up UI (done with metro) to note playing (done with clock) but even though they both use the same BPM params they refuse to sync.

Does clock basically trigger every n milliseconds based off of params:bpm? Vs metro which needs a frame rate.

which “clock” are you talking about?

midi clock?

the Beatclock lib?

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I think i saw somewhere that its possible to make screenshots within norns now, could someone point me out pls?

Correct :slight_smile:
You can run the following from the maiden REPL


Which will create a “screenshot” in that location

we@norns:~$ file /home/we/test.png 
/home/we/test.png: PNG image data, 128 x 64, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced

I don’t think it’s properly documented anywhere yet.


Apologies. Beatclock.

What is the recommended way of getting paths to audio files and folders with audio files to be recognized by the SC engine? I could do it all on the SC side, but I’d like to include some functionality in the lua script to change the file or folder where the audio files reside.


Beatclock is just metros IIRC

see ~/norns/lua/lib/beatclock.lua

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Ok. I just rolled my own thing off of metro, it works. I need to take the time to understand all the included scripts.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to develop and explore on the supercollider side of things in an easy way. How do people do that?

It seems like my tweak a line, save and publish to see what happens I do on the lua side isn’t quite as simple for engines.

option 1:
tweak a line, enter ;restart in maiden SC REPL, see what happens

(i’d recommend copying and renaming the engine class to something local to your script, e.g. dust/code/we/lib/ -> dust/code/zebra/lib/ - important to change class name as well as filename)

option 2:
develop engine on desktop first. this gives you syntax highlighting, completion, SC help files, &c.

norns core SC classes work fine on macOS and linux. @mimetaur made this nice gist documenting the setup on mac (which we really should link from / add to the official docs):
[ ]


I got my own repo up but haven’t tested it on my device yet with the 2.0 release. I’ll do that this weekend and make the post to Library.


what happened with the DX7 script? not updated?

Looks like @lazzarello says this weekend prior to your post.

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