Norns: scripting



On study 2 it mentioned:

so many commands

this is a moment when you’ll appreciate the reference docs. they live on norns and you can load them up right alongside maiden:


It there a way to store the reference docs elsewhere? It would be great if I can read/ memorize it on my spare times at work.


cheeky comment: bring your norns to work!

non-cheekily, I’d appreciate this being somewhere online as well. Though I’ve definitely made a recent habit of tucking norns in my bag and booting it up in free moments :sunglasses:

edit: perhaps this is already somewhere accessible in one of the github repos? but I’ve not found it yet

@tehn thanks for the response, I got it working using the metro method, but the util.time() seems like a really handy thing to check out!


getting the docs live online somewhere is on my list, thanks for the reminder!


You could actually download the norns master to your computer and read the docs offline, I believe.


How to recognize key up events on norns?

If I want to trigger an action when key 3 on norns is released, I think this

if n==3 and z==1 then
   if n==3 and z==0 then ACTION end

is one way to find out if key 3 goes up again. I wonder if there is an alternative way to do this, like a dedicated “key 3 up” event? Thanks in advance!


when z=0 the key is up


I just do

 if n == 3 and z == 0 then


controlspec questions:

  1. Is there a way to use a controlspec outside the confines of a param setup? I’d like to set up a controlspec for use against a standard variable, and do the equivalent of a params:delta call. You know, convenience…

  2. What is the syntax for creating a controlspec that has enumerated values: “fwd”, “bwd”, “updn”? I thought I saw it somewhere, then I didn’t… Or is it just that params can have options, but not controls (where I might just have to use indices)?

Trying to wrap my head around this - but having a ton of fun doing it!