Norns Scripts for a 64 Grid

So glad you do this.
I suppose the less concepts version isnt up to date with crow support and updates?

That is @oootinis work, so he, if he has time, could maybe update that.

Not sure what you are referrring to :slight_smile: The original post is now a wiki, any member can edit.

I’m going to update this when I have some time. hopefully soon.

The less concepts 64 :slight_smile:

Edit: just realized I had quoted the start post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I updated the less concepts 64 script linked here with the latest beat clock changes. Seems I didn’t break anything, but I only tested really quickly.

Can someone please test and let me know that it works OK? @noiserock @Hlp

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Thanks first of all. I wont be able to test really soon i am afraid but will as soon as i can

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seems to work, but it isn’t updating the bpm value in settings. i didn’t rename the folder to less_concepts tho, as this would overwrite the regular one.

hmm. you mean the tempo settings? I just spent the last 30 min playing with all kinds of modulated clocks going into crow. tempo seemed to update as best it could with the changes to the clock - no issues. also tried briefly with a keystep. all good.

by the way, i just drop the l_c64.lua file into the existing maiden installed less_concepts folder alongside the original less_concepts.lua. this way you can switch between both versions easily.

no the tempo settings are cool. i mean the tempo display number only in settings. it usually matches whatever link is. it doesn’t update now, meaning i do have to do some checks.

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