Norns Scripts for a 64 Grid

Which 64 grid do you have?

Does this help at all? I think it’s been useful for some people on older monobright grids.


As some of you might have posted,, a wiki for norns users, as recently launched.

One of its aim is to address the frustration of finding back relevant technical information shared on lines (which is a forum, so ill fitted for this purpose).

I’ve just created a wiki page about grid compatibility which should ideally replace the need for the editable 1rst post in this thread:

This thread still is relevant as a place to talk about 64 grid support and as such is referenced on the wiki page.


@eigen: Thanks for adding this wiki page. Regarding Granchild, I believe @DoS posted the workaround in this comment:

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Thanks for the reminder; yes, I did indeed post that, but I cannot recall now if it was my idea or (more probably) found elsewhere on Lines.

Hey all, it seems it’s been a while and I’m not sure if this thread is even active anymore but I’ve been behind and just flashed and updated my norns and I’m having an issue with a few of my 64 scripts, MLR and cheat codes 2 to be specific.

I’m having trouble installing the mlr64.lua. I keep getting an error message that says “missing softcut” when trying to load the script and Cheat Codes 2 isn’t following most recent instruction pdf that I’ve been use to. Not sure if anyone has any suggestions or fixes to either of these issues. Thank you!

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Were you able to get that sorted?

I’m here to report a couple lovely scripts that work well for a 64 grid user.
Lepidoptery Is a beautiful butterfly script for immediate granular fun.
Amenbreak Is my new drummer, chock-full of drum loops ready to be broken. We can’t trigger additional samples or play the included bass keyboard like the 128 users, but still tons of very useful features in this script.


I didn’t get it figured out. Any suggestions?

I’m also gonna check out these other scripts