Norns: september 2018

behold! earthsea (@tehn) rebound (@enneff) passerby (@markeats) easygrain (@trickyflemming)

this friday, august 31, 1pm EST.

orders reopen at

100 units. (1)

shipping september 10.

thank you for your continued support. we’re excited to see norns grow and evolve.

(1) more units to follow, exact dates to be scheduled— not far off.


anyone got a bot they could rent out for this flash sale?

j/k. Looking forward to picking one up, thanks for making 100 more.

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Any dates or hints at a date for crow at this stage? :slight_smile:

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crow is still a couple months off. making sure we get it right!


Oh damn I’ll be performing in a festival at that time… guess it means I am screwed!

top post now has vid!


I see you snuck a 16n in there… nice. When you have a chance it would be great to see other MIDI controllers in action with Norns too - thanks.

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20 characters of YAY!™ :smiley:

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$800 poorer and one Norns richer! I look forward to diving in. Now, I just need a new grid.


Score! Glad I managed to get one this time around.


so excited! have been loving the grid but lua/supercollider have been way easier for me to grasp than max turned out to be.

Completed! Now the Norns Studies, Norns this, and Norns that will make a bit more sense!

I skipped the first two rounds because I wanted to see what people say about Norns and if it’s for me. I’m glad I waited because now I know for sure that it’s for me. Very excited!

And so the wait for Norns to make its way to Germany begins.


I’m bummed they don’t accept PayPal, my card was misplaced. :confused:

What are those black 1/4" cables in the video? Looks sleek!

those are the new cables from control. i love them. super low profile, can pack a ton of them into a case for touring.


first clip has a touché controller (horrifying name, really nice controller). pressure is mapped via midi cc to filter cutoff and shape. i’m astounded at how low the latency is… feels like analog.


I saw that! Keep the controller love coming!

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Happy to be joining the Norns family. The flexibility and potability of it really speak to me and I hope to make wonderful things with it. Or at least… things I find wonderful.

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Yea, I ordered one. I’ll be building the DIY version (Rpi 3 + pisound) at Noisebridge this weekend if anyone’s in the bay area and wants to see how systemd works :slight_smile:

That demo video looks like the OLED is much more informative than the Aleph Bees screen outputs.