Norns: setting encoder sensitivity?

Can you set the individual norns encoder sensitivity per script?

I tried this in my init() but I don’t really see a difference. (cribbed from menu.lua)

Also - the value range looks like 1-16, but which end is more/less sensitive?

function init()
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norns.enc.sens(target,val) and norns.enc.accel(target,bool) should do it.

for enc_sens, higher values add resistance.
for enc_accel, default is falsetrue helps fast turns do big jumps.

we’re capturing all this stuff for a new series of microstudies (which folks will hopefully contribute to!), super helpful for you to have asked, thank you! found this in encoders.lua, but this sorta digging shouldn’t be necessary.


OK cool. Will test in a few hours…

But… what are these functions all about?