norns shield 0m disk space

Hello community, my norns shield is behaving strangely. after i was running out of space on my sd card i deleted a few apps. disk showed over 100m. after i deleted more apps my norns suddenly showed disk 0m and hangs after i pressed select. So I can no longer run apps. a reset didn’t help either. does anyone of you know about this?

Many thanks:)

hello! i’ve also followed up via your email to, but hopefully this helps future travelers:

  • the best visibility into your system’s state will be accessing via these methods. once it’s mounted as a network drive, i’d recommend checking your files in the audio folder – TAPE often has a lot of sizable files, but sometimes scripts can also download large sample libraries, etc.
  • you might also have some bloated logs – you can use these steps to confirm + remedy: help | monome/docs
  • be sure to expand your filesystem!

worst case scenario, you can use the transfer methods outlined in the first point to get any necessary files (your own scripts, the data folder, important audio files) off your card and onto your computer – then fresh-flash a larger microSD card and migrate your data in :slight_smile:


Many many thanks Dan!!! That helped me alot! :blush::+1:

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Speaking of, i think suggesting people to do sudo rm -rf anything is a bold move and puts vulnerable people at risk. Maybe sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=10MB instead?

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rad, excellent call, tyty!
this specific log problem is also going to be fixed upstream in the coming norns update <3