norns shield 2022

Yes. You will need to rebuild the SD card with the appropriate firmware version though (there are unique versions for the different Pi/shield board combinations).

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tell me which version to install?

I’m sure you can work it out yourself :wink:

Have a look here:

The shield board should have a revision number printed on it. Download the image for that revision/Pi version.


Has anyone ever swapped out the pcb and audio jacks (or whatever is new) on an old shield with the revised version to cut down on electronic waste? If so, is it relatively easy to do for someone without soldering experience?

“Swapping out the pcb” is harder than “building a shield from scratch” as far as soldering skill goes. You’d have to carefully desolder each part, and desoldering without ruining a part is harder (and a different skill) than soldering it.

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The thing that’s new on the revised shield is the audio codec and PCB, and is only available as a fully built version (the revised PCB isn’t being released), so there wouldnt really be any opportunity to swap anything anywhere between versions.

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Tbh if you’ve broken the jack you might have an easier time fixing it in software by using a class compliant usb audio interface. I don’t believe this is officially supported though :confused:

Prior art can be found here: Connect-OPZ: using USB audio with norns

I think autojack does the job as a mod,


Oh very nice, I wasn’t aware that mod was around. I’ve just been using an updated jackdrc, but this certainly seems like an easier option.

Sry I don´t know if this is the right Topic but I couldn´t find a “Norns Audio Issues Topic”.

I frequently have these little audiocrackles. They appear every minute or so. No matter which skript I load. Its not the biggest deal but recording norns and having those sputters at a quite moment is kind of a bummer.

So I was able to record a sputter and maybe someone has an idea what it could be.

It happens right at the beginning at the 3 Second mark. After that everything is normal (feeding norns shield with a Yamaha Reface into Barcodes). The track is quite long so I just cut out one occurrence of the sputter but it happens a few times.

This norns shield is just a few months old and runs on the newest update.

This feels like a power issue. Are you using an official RPI 5.1V psu?

I had the same with Cheat Codes when I attached Arc and Grid with a 5V psu.

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Yep the official Raspberry psu!

Then I’m at a loss. Have you tried to do a reset?

Perhaps someone more experienced than me can weigh in.

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haven´t tried a full reset. was afraid of losing saved Tracks and Patterns.
I´ll wait for some more ideas and then maybe I full reset.

Is the Wi-Fi on maybe?


I guess it actually was the WIFI. Kinda embarrassing…
I thought it was off.
But the menu confused me a little.
It still shows status activated but it is off now and I dont´t have the sputters anymore…

Thank you so much!


In an earlier post @tehn said that it would be fine if we adapt the case to the RPi4. I did that quickly.


Will norns shield be produced again? I’d love to get one.

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yeah I had thought about picking up one of the new ones. I’ve got one of the first shields and it is awesome but running two would be pretty rad.

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I believe it’s recently been discontinued: