Norns Shield Audio Input shenanigans

Hi Folks,

Sorry for this question it might be pretty straight-forward, but I looked all over the place, and I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I have recently got as a present my norns shield and I was trying to figure out how to connect gear to it to experiment with different scripts. I have managed to connect an OP-1 to it via USB to play around with Molly the Poly and it’s super cool.

But It seems I’m having some issues connecting into the Audio Input and more in detail:

I’m using the pedalboard script to process some sound coming in from a cassette player connected via 3.5 jack into the audio input of norns shield. But I can’t hear any audio coming out of my headphones.

I tried then connecting my minilogue in the same way from its Audio Out into Norns Shield Audio in and again no sound.

I have checked in the parameters of the norns and the audio input is set to stereo.

Am I missing something ?

What do the monitoring levels look like when audio is coming in? (Turn encoder one ccw to get to the levels screen, quick press key one first if you’re in a script).

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They all look pretty flat.

would I need to configure anything at a parameter level to make sure it picks up audio from the cassette player?

Just to double double check the “syncwire” cable in your pic is what you are using for audio input into the top jack? And have you tried a different cable to rule that out?

Yup tried different cables but still the same

Dang! if you scroll right then go to EDIT>LEVELS>

Do you see anything wonky in those settings? And last shot for me Have you put norns to sleep and rebooted? Best of luck in figuring it out :crossed_fingers:

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What would wonky look like? :joy:
Any parameters should I look for?

Not really. Id just be looking for any crazy -dB levels. crank those up. And have you been running pedalboard during your testing?
EDIT: For the record I haven’t used pedalboard that much. so if the trouble is app level im all outta ideas.

I don’t have any experience with the pedalboard script either but since you’re just trying to make sure you’re getting a signal in, I’d recommend trying a different stereo cable, making sure the cassette player volume is up and then watching the levels to see if you’re getting anything. Even just touching the tip of cable should give you some noise and it should show up as activity on the input bar graph. And make sure the cable is fully inserted into the Norns (don’t force it.)


I sometimes feel that I have to restart the Norns with the input connected for it to be recognized. Maybe this could be something?

  1. Not plugging in all the way: a new norns can have quite tight sockets and needs to go in (with a delightfully satisfying click).

  2. Mixer input setting is set to zero.

  3. A PoF in the signal chain from the input socket to the DAC IN pins. This path in yellow is very simple and uncomplicated but if there is one break or poor connection the input wont work. Dry joints from under/over filleting. A continuity check, a reflow and any shallow fillets rectified with a low temp reflow paste ought to correct things.