norns shield - can all these devices be used simultaneously?

Ordered a shield last week and hoping to get it in the next couple of weeks, but thinking through my new setup ideas and what all is doable. I have the three different devices that I am wondering if they can be paired together (technically i have a livid code v2 right now but debating on midi fighter twister to reduce footprint with same eventual output of total control values, 4banks, dual function encoders with better scaling). Wondering if these all can be recognized by the existing apps out there for the norns or if i’ll be adding to the lua scripts to identify them separately by USB Comm address.

Specifically looking to use these together:
monome 64 grayscale
midi fighter twister (or livid code v2)
Keith McMillan QuNexus (for MPE support things)

I figure that the rasp doesnt have enough power to do these on bus so there may be that fun complication as well to a hub.

hi hi! hope all’s well!

generally, yes – the norns software stack can support up to 16 MIDI devices at once (more detail), simultaneous to supporting (4x) grids, arcs, and HID devices. if you are interested in authoring your own scripts, there is no limit to what you could do with the combo of those three (though you may need a powered hub, as you hinted) :slight_smile:

if you solely wish to utilize community scripts contributed via maiden, ymmv depending on your goals:

hope this helps!


this a great question!

thanks for the answer too dan…surely others will benefit from seeing this as well

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Definitely does! Just got my tracking num so it’ll be here later this week :slight_smile: didnt even realize that area existed separate of or the others across this community area.


I have a 64 greyscale and QuNexus and they’re wonderful with the Norns Shield. Just make sure your power brick provides enough current for the Norns to power all those LEDs (mine is the official RPi 2.5A psu and has no problems)