Norns shield case designs

I’m really new to norns, so I’m not sure if they will work out for a lot of scripts, but I like it so far. They are just really loud.


seems like momentary toggles would do the trick (versus regular on/off ones)

Thanks for this! Had a friend print out a copy of this on a maker bot and it works great (potato picture). Hoping to try and reprint it on a higher quality printer so there’s less bow-ing, but it’s honestly pretty much perfect.


I am happy to see that my very first 3D print project is being used.

I think it makes sense to add a few additional air holes. The little Raspberry Pi gets a little sweaty with CPU-intensive applications. Can be completed with Tinkercad in 5 minutes.

With quarantine bizz and not being the owner of the printer I might take a drill to it if I notice any heat-related performance issues.

Somewhat relatedly – has anyone tried to use something like plastidip on 3D printed materials? I’m thinking maybe like sanding it down, putting on a thick layer of primer, and then plastidipping it might work?

My goal with this is to get a sort of rubberized or smooth finish for it.

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I wonder if this would work with 3mm acrylic cases, too. I love that slightly rubbery surface texture.

I did a little research, and it looks like the best option for 3d printed mats is a combo of an epoxy coating and then a plastidip coat, since that material ends up being pretty thin and getting into the grooves of the printing material. I think you’d have more success with an acrylic case since you wouldn’t need to sand anything down or mess with any filler.

It looks like it should work OK on acrylic, then. You can get it in spray form. I guess you disassemble the case and do just the outside of each panel separated.

You’d probably need to mask off the tabs where the panels join together.

Thinking out loud.

Totally, either that or sand off any extra bits.

Can anyone with a Shield built from the full kit (from monome) give me a total height (in mm) - including the acrylic plates?

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40mm for height without knobs, I used the hardware specified in the shield github page.

did a 3d printed skirt/ring/sides thing for shields with just a top/bottom plate.

(low quality test print)

People interested in the above design can check out my Norns Shield Case Kits post in the Trade section.”


My stompbox-norns prototype. Just need to fit the acrylic screen window and cut the sides for i/o :smiley:


Just a pic of my case. I’ve adapted the original @andrew’s design to bended 2mm aluminium material. I’ve kept the original acrylic faceplate in order to keep the screen safe from dust.
I love the glossy feel it gives to the finish product.


hey oky - do you have the files available for the skirt/ring/sides thing for the Norns shield? I’d like to try it your way and mod for my buttons and knobs. I can cut the acrylic (cast) here at home on my cnc


finaly more or less (never to be) finished 50:50 working title uhm…instrument.
This took around 6-8 weeks to get all nicely together and includes the norns shield + grid as the heart combined with 2 preamps, equalizer, envelope follower (mi ears), 2 different chunky fat vintage transformers, count to 5, and a vactrol LPG…yup crazily compressed for mobile.
I wanted to go on but there is really no space left at all : D

Sounds like:


Cool! It reminds me of those tabletop arcade machines they used to have in fish and chip shops.

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Very interesting. Is it normalled or do you need to patch?

it’s a norns cyberdeck!

super cool, was thinking of something similar but wasn’t even considering the sheer density of stuff you’ve crammed in there.

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Its all patchable ofc.

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