Norns shield case designs

Thanks again everyone for sharing the knowledge. My Norns turned out exactly like I wanted. Thin bamboo plywood from Ponoko beats the plain acrylic in my opinion and matches the white case better. I think this insert should come standard with the kit.


I agree - It does look really good coolout.


Have the pcb dimensions or mounting hole positions changed at all with the most recent shield revision?

hello everyone!

i am looking for a new rad case for my norns shield.

in a perfect world i would have my norns incased in a mid-century modern case but i don’t know where to look.

any ideas?

thank you!

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I used laser cut cherry vernired MDF for my DIY grid, and it definitely has a bit of a mid century modern vibe, so perhaps that could be an option.

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The @ramphands creations are incredible.

Pretty sure they are one-off and handmade, but some great inspiration for your own custom design.


awesome! thank you so much

That’s so kind of you to say!

Yeah I just made them for myself, but if anyone has access to even the most basic woodworking and metalworking tools, it’s not too hard to do something similar. I used some 6mm rosewood what was simply glued together with butt joints, sandwiched between 2mm sheets of aluminium that was cut with a boxcutter. The screen was a bit more effort - I drilled out the majority of it, then used a dremel to rough out the shape, finishing off with a flat file.

I should do a tutorial or something as I do all my euro panels in the same way. Tedious, but cheap and easy.


This sounds lovely. Are there any photos of this you could share please?

Sure, see this post for pics :slight_smile:


@JHC have you ever had your case made from metal?

May I ask, where did you get those knobs? Also, are they plastic or rubber?

they are 3d printed :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted to turns Norns Shield into a ‘Modern Music Box’, something that excites all generations of the family and maybe even looks as good as the real Norns. First prototype complete, it spreads the buttons and encoders and includes a rechargeable battery pack. There’s an on/off switch and a window in the bottom to see whether ’the not red light’ is flashing. The wood is American Walnut. Photo for those that want to copy/improve on it.


That is very beautiful. Are you using a Shield PCB with extra wires for the encoders, or how does it look inside?

Also, which battery pack do you use, and how do you recharge it?

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Yes, pcb shield with wires for encoders. Used an Anker battery pack I had spare. As I’m new I can only post one photo at a time. Here’s the guts of it:


I’m using a 3.0A adapter but I’m getting pops and crackles anyway. I also installed grounding but nothing changed

Might be the cable itself not carrying enough current. You need 28AWG (i think???)

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Thank you for that, it looks great. I’ve been wanting something like this since I got my Norns shield, but I keep overthinking it…

Been upgraded so can post multiple images, should make the whole process easier to understand. Have in mind a larger box with a Grids integrated into the inside of the lid. Great community, learnt so much in here: