Norns shield case designs

I’ve got one of these, but the display cutout os waaaaaaay oversized for the display.

Did you get a window cut in the end?

I’d love to know the exact dimensions of the window, if so.

I think if I get a window cut in tinted acrylic, it will disguise the awkward window size and offset compared to the display itself.

==== UPDATE ====

I think I may have found an illustrator file with the dimensions of the display cutout of the original official Norns Shield top-panel.

80 x 46.933mm

Does that sound about right?

When I’ve had display windows lasered in the past, I’ve had a few cut, with minutely different dimensions (maybe a couple bigger, and a couple smaller), and picked the one that fits most snuggly.

The cutout on the one I’m currently making (with a drill and a hand file!) is 65x35. It’s for the screen only though, not the surrounding bezel.

That’s the think - I’m looking for the exact dimensions of the display cutout in the folded alu case Pusherman sells, so I can make my own window to exactly fit mine.

I think the dimensions in my previous post may be the ones though. I remember wondering why it was so much bigger than the display, on the original Shield top-panel design, and I suspect the designer of the metal case just used the same dimensions.

Had mine for about a week now, loving it! Looking forward to exploring it in more detail over the next week of holidays :slight_smile:


I’m sorry about that! It looks like something went wrong when I generated the STL last time. I’ve regenerated it and pushed it to GitHub, and it looks right this time.

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Where did you get this one? It looks beautiful!

From someone in this thread, not sure he’d be cool me revealing his identity :slight_smile:

Yeah, that case looks great indeed. Is the base 3D printed and the top aluminum ?

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and @danbond, see here: Norns shield case designs - #239 by justinkowski

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Yes sir, and smoked screen

@JHC, or anyone with experience… i’m looking at getting a case printed locally of your design. Do you have any recommendations in regards to the printing resolution and part density?

The options are 100,200,300um and 20-100%.

I’m guessing 200-300um is probably fine, just not sure on the density…

Wakey wakey!
All working well. Just need to make the side panels now.
DIYed the case using 2mm aluminium along the same lines as I did for my modular panels. Cutting out the centre window was…not fun. Used my trusty Makita hand drill to get a lot of the material out, then used a terrible dremel copy to route out towards the corners. Finished off with a hand file and a bit of sandpaper.
Once it was done, I sanded it with 240 grit paper followed by a red-brown scotchbrite (460 grit IIRC) pad. Learning from my eurorack panels, I actually got some clearcoat varnish to protect the finish. Works really well and softens it up a touch.
Cut out a screen using the old score’n’snap method, then sanded it until I could friction fit it in place.


I am crazy impressed that this is a drill and file job! Loors so crisp an clean. Also those super-flat bolts.

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I have the same case and I made a window for it.

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This is the Pusherman case, yes?

If so, and you have a Norns Shield case, the clear perspex standard Norn Shield top part kinda fits onto the top of the Pusherman case, and keeps dust from getting in until you’ve made a screen that fits.

I dont have those skills so I will stick with just having the Norns Shield cover on top of my Pusherman case :smiley:

That’s a kind offer. I think I’m going to get a tinted window made, so I’ll pass, but I’d love to know the exact dimensions you used (assuming you got the window laser-cut).

I just got the Pusherman parts thru from Mouser. Up till now I’ve cobbled the case together with what I had (the bottom plate just wedged in rather than screwed in), but I have no idea what parts in this little collection I should actually be using where.

Does anyone have any links to any instructions to how to put the Pusherman case together properly?

I cnc covers from tinted acrylic. Assembled pressure holds it. Friction-fit is difficult to get exact tolerances.


Here is the file i used for this window of the pusherman case. (50.9 KB)

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Hmm, I think I’ve done it.

Shame tho, since putting it back together, the level of noise is back to being quite loud. I’ve had to completely remove the switch I’d added inline of the power cable.

Its def louder when the screen is doing stuff. Is there a way to turn the screen off without just unplugging it? Maybe a command in Maiden?