Norns shield case designs

Case prototype.

Will probably make case kits for sale in a couple weeks (need to tweak heights, spacers, etc.)


just made a punky-ish wooden case from a small box I found at a chinese local shop here, after a bit of dremel and drilling it almost looks nice :wink:


Has anyone else made progress on cases? I don’t have a printer, and would be willing to pay for a little shell to keep norns safe and sound.

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This turned out nice. :star_struck:

(Found some bits of this color in the laser scrap bin)

Also managed to get a press-fit screen protector (clear) the right size on the first try.


Such a nice colour :metal:


tbh " battery mod " is not as annoying as u think it wld be


A+ blue tape. :+1: .


Thank you for this dxf. We don’t need indication for the thickness?
I’m a total noob in box printing…

I’d be interested in a case kit please!

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Waiting for my shield and components to arrive, meanwhile I asked a lasercut service to cut the @okyeron case from the dxf file above and it turned out ok (I chose a transparent plexiglass surface - waiting for everything to be on my desk before removing the protection) :slight_smile:

I’m having some problems finding the right spacers though: any clue about handy places where to find them (or some alternative solution)? All the stores I visited looked like having only much bigger sizes and not fine length…


I’ve found some “raspberry pi” standoff kits on amazon that have some of the right sizes (15 and 20mm), but I’ve been sourcing them from various places. 3mm I get from mouser. I’ve also been using 5+10mm stacked up to get the 15mm.

Curious - did you change the layout for the cut design? The USB/Ethernet side panel looks a bit wrong to me (or maybe that’s just the paper backing still holding a cut piece on there?)

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Thanks, gonna take a look over at Mouser and see if I can figure it out!

All I did was to send the guys the file (I actually don’t have any software to open it and verify, it was my first time trying out such a service). They actually told me that there was an issue with the dimensions and they had to scale a couple of panels up in order for them to fit (if I understood correctly, they hadn’t been much kind to go into details). Now I’m afraid they might have messed up something during the process, hopefully it’s caused by the protecting paper but looking at it closely I think there’s nothing more than what the eye meets in the picture. I’ll keep you posted when I have the functional shield in my hands :slight_smile:

edit: I kind of understoond where the mistake is and yes, they made it wrong and it probably won’t fit unless I try to fix it manually with some tools at home. Also, by removing the protection paper to take a look, I discovered they made it on black plexiglass and not transparent… I wouldn’t expect it to turn out this wrong :confused: Maybe I’ll just order a case kit from you in the future…

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Thanks a lot for the hint, I was not aware of that :slight_smile:

can you show us where to place which spacer :smile:
I bought them but there are a lots of them :slight_smile:

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i took tons of pics & am ready to make a full assembly guide but haven’t had the time for it yet :expressionless:

hopefully soon

as yes there’s a kind of specific order of operations that would take some fiddling to figure out

These fates boxes look so good! DIY Norns shield needs a box like this IMO. I priced something similar for a hammond enclosure, but it came out pretty expensive - like €75 per box, minimum order of 25. That was through a commericial pedal website in the US. I haven’t investigated further with local shops (IE/EU).
I found this. There is an english version of the site, but I am not able to access it on my phone…
When you scroll down the page, there is a ‘Raspberry Pi Housing’ section where you can build your box with a soft. Expensive too, but you can order just one

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I really like these designs. Would love to find some housing that would match the TT more, in addition to that yellow OLED :grinning:

I lost hope of fixing it. I think the codec is dead. But I do not know. This is really wried. I have already built over 50 smd eurorack projects, but norns-shield has beaten me. :smiley:
BTW I already recieved transparent plexi case, @andrew thank you for sharing :wink:
I removed the screen window so that the screen is protected.