Norns shield - disable screen sleep

Is there any way to disable the screen sleep on Norns (shield)?
The screen becomes black after a few minutes without input from the controls.
I’m using it in an installation-ish context and would need the graphics to always be showing even without user input.
I haven’t found any setting or anything in the docs or forum yet

yes! thread title is not obvious to keeping the screen on, but: Turn Norns Screen Off? - #3 by tehn

necessary PSA: the screen has an auto-sleep feature to avoid burn-in and extend life.

hope this helps! installation sounds rad! any deets?


this could be a SYSTEM SETTING (feature request)

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You can also call regularly in your script to reset the timer and keep the screen on.

In my recent nmMelodyMagic script I let the screen go to sleep normally when it displays a parameter menu, but I keep it on in “visualizer/art mode” via ping.