norns shield - final

finally, we’ve found time to update the files, export BOMs, and clean up the repository. sources for all versions are now available on github.

we’ve made these files freely available to further the exploration and design of new musical instruments. the shield relies on years of development and we continue to maintain and evolve the platform. we hope you’ll consider making a donation towards this effort.

order a hand-inked/painted robot-drawn postcard ($50) or direct donations accepted via paypal.

please use this thread to discuss all issues regarding norns shield builds.

for historical digging, the following threads may be useful, but keep in mind there is version-specific information which may not pertain (or be fully outdated):

thank you for your continuing support.


I don’t want to clog this thread with thank yous, but… thank you. The Norns Shield I built has brought me so much joy.


That’s crazy, thank your for that! Didn’t expect to happen that fast.


amazing, thanks for sharing this - looking forward to retiring my current diy shield and replacing with one of these.


So… To sum up… I own a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (that, as I can see, is the most difficult gear to achieve), so I would like to make my DIY norns shield. Is it possible to get the other materials needed (pcb, knobs, screen…)? Thanks!

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I just got a 2019 rev of the pcb and everything from the published BOM from digi-key (with a minor replacement for some ceramic caps or something like that.)

The pcb should be arriving in a day or two, so can’t vouch for everything working as stated yet, but the stuff from digi-key was available and arrived within a few days.

I believe you can print your own pcb from the revision that was just posted too.

postcards painted by kelli for today’s mail! thank you all for the kind support.






I’ve found a norns PCB, but the version (200323) doesn’t seem to be in the github documentation.

Having in account that I’ve own a raspberry pi and this pcb, is there any of the rest of items needed that can be difficult to find?

I don’t want to spend some money in part of the materials and then get stuck due to the lack of some others.


contact the person who you acquired this PCB from if it seems suspect.

I got a .brd with “200323” print when I got it from github (2022/02/22)

I got a pcb made from that, and ordered components from a octopart BOM that was linked on github, but is no longer available - forgot to save the url. I think it was this:

Don’t know if it was a pre-release board, It’s not clearly marked as such in the .brd file.
I only made boards for me.
(Edit to add: it’s pictured here too; norns shield)

( I think i ordered exactly what was in the BOM - but the switches I GOT were toggle - not momentary. It was easy to change that by opening the switches and removing a small metal wire bracket. It works.)

The files for this board are missing ?

norns-shield/eagle at main · monome/norns-shield · GitHub

(The only difference to 191106 i have spotted is that Left and Right have been swapped on both input and output jacks.)


the 191106 BOM will work for this board


Thanks! Is it possible to buy a 210330 pcb online?

Also build up a Norns on the 200323 PCB. It’s basically the same as 191106. I think Claire is selling also this version of PCB in her Builds.

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this month’s mail





Hello community
New here.
How can I build my own Norns now that I see Monome is not selling even the Shield version?
This isn’t enough info: norns | monome/docs

Sorry for the newbie Q!

this is what you’re looking for