Norns shield - how to load scripts not available in maiden?

i have searched on the forums and in the help section of the norns docs, but i haven’t found instructions or a walkthrough for installing a script that isn’t available in maiden. there have been a couple of new scripts posted that i’ve wanted to play with, but because they haven’t shown up in maiden, i don’t know how to play with them… can someone point me to the documentation for this?

i see links to github pages for the scripts and can download a file, but don’t know what or how i should open it to get it loaded into my library and didn’t want to just start double-clicking.

i feel like a necessary follow-up question to this would be how would i remove a script from my library that wasn’t in maiden? would it be like removing any other script?

you can use the ;install command from the maiden REPL, it takes an arbitrary URL to a git repository, like ;install https://server/foobar.git

detailed here:

you can also just place lua code in ~/dust/code/somescript via sshfs or cyberduck or so on.

just delete its directory under ~/dust/code (and under ~/dust/data if you don;t wnt to save presets &c)


Thank you for pointing me there—I really appreciate it!

Edit: Finally had a chance to try manually installing with the ;install command in maiden and did so successfully. Thank you!