norns shield: june 2021

norns shield will start shipping on june 29.

orders open tuesday (tomorrow) at noon EDT.

we did an update to the board for better audio isolation. (the previous version was somewhat prone to subtle digital noise from the pi’s power system, usb, and wifi). we also upgraded the audio jacks to a more mechanically sturdy through-hole part.

the price has increased to $280.

new schematics and pcb files will be posted next week.

if you have a pending order for a grid and would like to combine ship (and save $) please reply to your grid order email and we’ll take care of you with a shipping refund.


Does it ship with the same case?

yep! shipping with @JHC 's lovely design :slight_smile:


I find this very exciting!

we’re live!


Does the type or size of micro sd card matter (or what it is loaded with)? Sorry this may seem silly. I assume its would be more storage, but the preferred stuff in the link is all out of stock (16gb buster lite).

Will this work? Just ordered a norns shield this morning. want to make sure I am purchasing the correct model (3 B+ 2018ver) of raspberry pi before I pull the trigger. The links that recommend the correct parts are out of stock.

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Yes that will work.

The microSD card will contain the OS and the rest will be storage. I’d get at least 16GB. I try to get the highest quality and fastest. I like sandisk. How much storage you want is up to you.


Ah so I can just use some I have, or purchase whatever I want. I don’t need to worry about it coming preloaded with buster lite or Noobs (which I think would only be compatible with Ras Pi 4)?

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You will flash the Norns “OS” image so it will wipe what is on a card. Check the docs: norns shield | monome/docs

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Thanks for the help! So it coming preloaded with Noobs or whatever means nothing since I will be flashing it and using the shield image. Sorry for the string of questions, just trying to one stop shop instead of buying a bunch of things from everywhere.

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It’s all good! That’s what we’re here for. Yeah you don’t need anything preloaded on the card.

If it is would that be a problem or will i just need to format or write over it?

It’s no problem at all. If you follow the docs, the etcher program will format/erase the card then load the Norns image.


Awesome thank you again for the help!

thanks a ton! so besides the OS, what else is stored on the microSD?

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The lua scripts and supercollider engines you choose to save, configuration files, saved patches, the audio you record through the tape feature, the samples you load. Maybe more.

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order placed, will spend my holidays to norns land this summer :slight_smile:

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Same here :smiley:
Looking forward to playing with the device and some Lua programming.


This might be sort of a jerky question, but will the OG norns be improved or updated any in the next batch? This shield update is mighty tempting, but if there are new things coming for norn I might just wait an order that…