Norns Shield - replacing K1

I am the sad owner of a Shield with a non-functioning K1 button. I would appreciate advice on fixing it.

Replacement may not be necessary. Per
“most soldering problems can be solved simply by reheating solder joints. bad solders can result in various problems: screen doesn’t turn on, knobs/keys don’t work.”

If replacement is necessary, this is one of two parts needed:

However, I haven’t been able to identify the part for the cap/knob.

Thanks in advance for advice.

I think this is the part:

I think this should fit too if you want to convert to rectangle buttons:

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Excellent. Thanks, bmoren.

If a reflow doesn’t fix it you could try a small amount of ‘chip quik’ to help with desoldering the button. I recently removed a broken small tactile switch easily with it to repair an old kawai sound module. Some soldering braid for a little clean up after is also needed before soldering in the new part.
I have no doubt it would be useful for desoldering Norns encoders too.