Norns Shield - USB and Midi Connectivity Question [SOLVED]

Ok, thanks! Will look for another one.

I finally picked up a Shield as well. I have a similar question: Do y’all think I can connect the Shield to my mio2 Midi Interface via the USB-B port? So I would just use a USB-A from Shield to USB-B on the mio2. This would be instead of having to use a MIDI to USB converter cable. Here’s the mio2 specs page for context:

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It’s advertised as class-compliant so should work without a problem.

In fact:

But also:

Yes - If you are using the mio2 alone with norns/shield just connect the USB-A (norns/shield) to the USB-B (port 2, power in) so that the interface gets power. If everything is working you should have four devices you can assign to slots in the MIDI menu:


  • mio1 - MIDI DIN 1
  • mio2 - MIDI DIN 2
  • mio3 - USB-B MIDI 1 (on front)
  • mio4 - USB-B MIDI 2 (on front)

Thanks all for the clarification!

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Just so everyone knows; this device is amazing if you’re hoping to get midi out to an iPad, laptop or other CME Bluetooth devices.

CME WIDI Bud Pro - Bluetooth MIDI…



Have you tried it ? Can you confirm it works fine with a Nons shield to receive and send midi with a mac computer ?

Not with a Norns shield, just a Norns and a FATES. Considering that these are all pretty standard architecture to each other, they’ll work the same for a shield.

But that is just an assumption. Only one way to know for sure!

I have been wracking my brains for a solution for connection norns to a lightening era iPad with the least cables/dongles/interfaces as possible… can I ask a few follow up questions

does this then just connect to the ipad via bluetooth, or is it wifi? does this then show up as a midi option in synths like animoog, gardet etc on the ipad ?
how do you percieve the latency?