norns shield

Awaiting mine arriving in the UK, finally decided to jump on it and am really looking forward to getting on board with the adventure.


I’ve just received mine! I’m so excited :smiley: , but I still have to wait the arrived of rPi I’ve ordered few days ago.

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I’ve got a bunch of extra pi’s from making RPI video synths
so this was a quick purchase

I love programming with the shnth and have a couple ciat lonbardy things I’d like to make (one of which is my favorite shnth patch) happen for the norns.

It seems like there are plenty of delay/looper/sampler type things but I may revive an old pure data patch of mine called plibt. I think one of the programs already comes fairly close to what it was trying to do though so I may not need to.

So I’d like to be more involved with stand alone synths with non traditional interfaces (a lot of my shnth patches just use 8 buttons)

mine should be here saturday (FL)


Just placed an order :slightly_smiling_face:

Ordering the pi 3B+ now as well.
Does size of the SD card matter much? Or can I just use an old 8gb (micro SD; with adapter to normal) SD sandisk I have lying around?

@tehn FYI the link to the current image on the documentation page refers to a previous image. It needs to be updated for the 201202 release, or perhaps it should simply link to the releases page so the shield page doesn’t have to be updated with each release.

done! thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:
folks should also feel free to submit PR’s – docs are open and contributions are always appreciated :revolving_hearts:

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i’ve got a question. I have just received the norns shield and do not know how to turn it on. it turned on once (I have no idea how I did it) then I unplugged it to make some room for different chords and now I can’t get it to turn back on. the red LED is on and the sd card is in but the screen is not on.

any help is appreciated!

much love

fantastic news!


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ugh, we just redid the docs and totally left out those pretty crucial instructions. very sorry for the trouble!

i’ve now added them to the introductory section:

if your Pi is unresponsive still, please email and we’ll help get you sorted :slight_smile:


oh awesome! thank you for your help

@imwaiting there’s a chance your sdcard is corrupted, you might try re-flashing the disk image. if it’s unreliable you may need a new card.

okay thank you, I will try and do that

So happy that everything just worked
I was already used to the SD card writing procedure because of the video synths I’ve made for RPIs

looking forward to diving into the script tutorials and releasing some things :slight_smile:

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I just won a Norns Shield on eBay and am absurdly excited to finally get to play within the Norns ecosystem!


That was probably done like this so people don’t use the wrong image (i.e. for norns proper) or a prerelease image. The massive header on the releases might help but still :stuck_out_tongue:

@dan_derks Might be good to check this with @tehn

Hi, I’m curious about the audio quality difference between Norns & Norns Shield in more detail. Only info I can find is that Norns has “very high quality audio”. But what does that mean in relation to Norns Shield?

@zebra Ok, thank you for the explanation & quick reply, much appreciated!

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I have a version with your older boards, but have always been bothered by my flimsy case… (yes Norns is the long term solution but a bit more costly.)

Would it be possible to buy the case+top plate alone? Or just the top acrylic plate and I could buy the case from JHC?

(Or perhaps someone is doing a run of top plates?)

the top plate and case are both in the github repo. you can easily order these from any rapid proto service. pololu does good laser cutting (plates) and shapeways is a common 3dprinting source.

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I do see an aluminum top plate for sale on Reverb sometimes if you want to go that way.

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