norns shield

Thanks @DoS and @Helen !

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Hey there,
when I first saw the norns I was actually amazed by the crazy amount of features, and customisability all while being open source, based on linux and all that completely community driven.
So I’ve been thinking about buying a norns shield, and that preferrably non-used.
Now, what about availability? Production seems to be slow, and there are seemingly no posts at all talking about availability.
Do I have to source all the parts on my own and deal with the latter? I don’t think I am qualified enough to do that, and would rather not kill such an expensive device.
Why is it not available?

Have you read the “future stock estimates” page?

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I haven’t stumbled about this yet, thanks!

This is also good reading: Scarcity and Precarity in Small Manufacturing



Adafruit has Pi3B in stock now for whom this applies.

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Is there any work around if i screwed up Button 1 connectors on the shield pcb?
I planed to exchange buttons, tested with button 2, worked fine, button 3 needs replace, imstarted with button 1 and cant get it to work at all anymore.

I am afraid i might have killed the pcb leads.

Is the on/off trigger layout the same as with button 2 and 3? I tried that but also the 2 upper solder points and also all 4mto no avail. System button is dead it seems :frowning:

You can check the pcb files in Autodesk Eagle and trace where traces go and then just solder buttons with small wires to the points where traces go. Not very clean and not so durable but better than throw everything out.

EDIT: You can check the continuity first with multimeter between button pads and point on pcb where they go, maybe you just got one point broken so no need to use wires for everything

Mh like micro tactile switches to the first „station“ of fir example an smd cap?

Not sure if I understood correctly. I meant that you can solder your switch in place, and if you will find not working pin you can wire it to where it goes according to file.

Hi- sorry about this very basic question but I"m having a hard time getting my shield to see that a grid is connected. I recently reflashed so I should have a clean install on my shield. I connected a grid to USB port 1 and navigated to Devices/Grid and all I see is “none”. I’ve tried a different USB cable as well as different ports on the shield, as well as restarting the shield. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just to make it a bit more complicated, I had been able to connect and use the grid a few weeks ago, but last week I sat down for a learning session and the grid was ineffective in controlling anything, although it was listed on the devices. I read somewhere that I should update the shield firmware and when I did that, the shield stopped turning on. Horror!
I fixed that issue by reflashing the shield card this morning, but now have the grid issue.
Thank for listening.

That same sequence of events happened to me. The circuit board turned out to be faulty.

Oh NO! Did you have to send your grid to Monome to be repaired/replaced?

Just to clarify, does a button LED on your grid flash when you turn on the shield or plug the grid in to the USB port?

I had to send just the circuit board, which is being replaced.

Wakyct- I get a single splash of LED when I plug in the grid, nothing after that.

@wakyct It’s been a while since I powered on my Shield/Grid but I seem to remember the same as @mmoston - just a single flash of LED but nothing after that until I launch a Grid-compatible script.

its like a short and small firework. You can see a bit of animation, but it is very short.

From memory of other folks having problem with grid a bit ago, the issue folks had with the same symptoms of this was that the usb socket was delivering power but not transfering data, due to a fault in the grids usb socket. Best to email monome help with this issue.