norns shield

I recently purchased a Fates so I’m planning on giving my girlfriend my old Shields but am having a problem. Upon powering the unit on when I try to select a script it gets stuck on the scanning screen; however if I reset the unit I’m able to load one script but if I go back to load another it gets stuck on the scanning screen again. In other words, I’m only able to use one script at a time after a reset. It’s worth nothing I had recently resoldered one of the audio jacks but had done so perfectly fine. Any ideas?

Do you get error messages in Maiden, ie. the web interface which is at https://norns.local after norns is on local wifi? Error messages are always the best!

PS. super cute gift.

Thanks! She’s been getting into synths the past 6 months or so which is good for her because I’ve been downsizing my studio spaces giving her a (kinda crappy) reel to reel, a Marantz tape machine, Koma Field Kit and a mess of pedals. Probably a little overwhelming! She has a Mother 32 but is finding straight forward synthesis a little frustrating. Absolutely loves the sound and visual aspect of Norns but is understandably super intimidated by the workflow. She’s got an OP-Z coming to her on Christmas!

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And thanks for the tip! I’m gonna check Maiden tonight. Didn’t even think that.

I’m just answering myself here (though a bit late) to mention that resetting the Norns (using the Reset option in the main menu) fixed the issue for me.

I’m not sure of what files get cleared when a reset is done but one of them must have ended up with incorrect values and that caused the volume drop…

I’ve had the low output issue a couple of times previously. In my experience a full shutdown & reboot fixed it (meaning SLEEP > power cable out, not just SYSTEM > RESTART). Might be a little less traumatic than a SYSTEM > RESET!

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Hi there, short question: maybe this was also answered before … is there a description of the changes which are lead to lower noise on the new pcbs? So does it make sense to upgrade or is there a possibility to upgrade my older Norns build?

Other question: my older Norns build does noise sounds when the rpi is draining current (when any of the leds is on) is that normal behavior?

it’s not possible to modify the PCB. the change involved adding a separate supply VDO to better isolate the audio section. it’d be a very fragile amount of hotwires and would highly not encourage going this route.

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Decided to finally retire my beloved 256 grid and go with a norns shield and Launchpad combo instead. Excited to get stuck back in. I am sure I’ll end up with questions…


ok, thanks for the fast reply.

Out of curiosity, is this change reflected on the PCB designs in the repo, or are the updates staying internal for now? (No judgment if so, just want to check, as I’ve been debating buying a kit vs. buying all the bits separate, getting a PCB printed, and soldering by hand.)


Buy the kit. Save yourself the trouble. Support monome directly.

The newer PCB had significantly less noise for me and if you plan on using the line-in … it is worth it.


Hello. Is there any indication on when the kits will be available again? Just discovered norns is a thing and I’m eager to get stuck in.

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Looks like they are expected next month.


So I guess that the Norns Shiled that I ordered will have noise on the output? the guys that are assembling it are still waiting for parts to arrive but maybe I should ask them about? … while waiting for my Grid tracking shipment to appear in my email :star_struck:

Loving the shield so far. It’s a solution to all of the problems I used to have with old dependencies and outdated scripts because of Mac OSX updates leaving things broken.

I’m using alternative grids as I no longer have an actual Monome grid (I wish the 256/monobright would have more support), but I can see how with an actual grid it would be a much easier experience as well. Loving the creativity of all the different software, and it seems like there’s endless amounts to explore.

Is it still looking like January maybe? Just saw the Future page has been updated but couldn’t spot with what :sweat_smile:

January was overly optimistic, February is likely


also curious about this – FWIW I would gladly pay to support the project even with the full DIY route if there’s a way to do so, though also totally respect if the new PCB version is staying internal for now.


Hello, first time here! Is it possible to use the norns shield and 3B image with a Raspberry Zero 2W?