norns shield

we haven’t tried it, but the new package is rated for about 80% CPU performance of the 3B (maybe it can be overclocked) and has 50% of the RAM. so even if it is totally compatible it will struggle to keep up with the demands of many norns scripts.

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I see… thanks for the reply. I asked because I already have one of those lying around and it could be interesting to build a more portable battery powered version.

Anyway, I noticed that the store page mentions that “circuit was revised in july 2021 for better audio isolation + sturdier audio jacks”, but the eagle/dxf files at the monome/norns-shield github are 2y old… weren’t these changes published?

I just tried to start from scratch again with my shields, since it was behaving a little erratically. So I formatted the microSD card and flashed the most recent image on it.
From my understanding this should have resulted in a minty fresh Shields. But to my surprise all scripts, I had installed previously, were still in my library.
Can someone help me shed a light on this?

Hi everyone,

Something went wrong with my shield apparently, so I have to reinstall a fresh installation of norns. The only way I see that I can do this is by flashing the SD card, correct? But for that I need to take the shield apart?


Do you have the stock kit case? If so there’s an SD card cutout next to the power LED.

Alright, opened the case, flashed the card, we’re back in business

EDIT: OH MY GOD!! After flashing the card, 90% of the scripts that I thought weren’t doing anything for whatever reason, ARE NOW MAKING SOUND. Things like Less Concepts, Initenere, Firstlight, and so, so many more. I just fell in love with norns all over again, possibly even more so then the first time I got it.



also just a reminder - make sure to expand your filesystem after flashing. (I often forget this so I wanted to put in a friendly reminder :slight_smile: )


Twenty characters of I did :slight_smile:

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Anyone know if the new shield will have a white screen option (or is it fairly easy to change out the screen if you have basic soldering skills)?

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unfortunately changing the shield’s screen is a no go since it’s soldered on-board. :cry:

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this would be a moderate-to-advanced soldering task, as you’d have to cleanly remove a 20-pin header.


Not that you can know for sure, but do you anticipate the next batch to last for a couple of months, or is it more likely that they’ll be sold out again within a week or two? I’m trying to budget my expenses & decide whether to get a shield as soon as they’re available again or if I could wait a month or two. Don’t wanna miss out.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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they should last a couple months, but we’ll post an update when we’re running low


Thanks a ton, that helps!

I get the feeling there’s a few of us refreshing the store page every day and hanging on Brian’s every word here :laughing:


Was looking at the website just now updated Norns shield for 2022 looks like it’s compatible with the pi4 - still says sold out but shipping March 8… I’m a little confused by what’s on the site but possible I just happened to look while it’s being updated. If there’s any additional info I’d love to know more


Hey guys, sorry if this is not the right spot for this but I need some help with my norns. I recently got a new norns shield kit from the Monome website and put it together. I booted it up and it opened the initial scripts with no problem. When I go to connect to wifi, I’m having the same issue that others in the forum had before. I go to connect to wifi and follow the steps, adding password and everything. I did notice that my wifi was showing up twice(not 5g/2g I don’t think, only 1 has shown up on my phone/computer before and there’s no designation on the norns to indicate 2g or 5g). When I add my wifi network, STATUS shows as “activating” which never changes. The network shows up as my wifi name, but goes away after about 30 seconds and the status stays as activating.

The IP stays blank, and the signal stays at dBm the whole time. I am using a windows machine so I’m not sure how to go about doing the serial login. I’ve tried resetting it and turning it off and on and even deleting the wifi and adding it back in all different steps of the process.

Has anyone had this issue before and come across a solution? The solutions that worked for others isnt working for me so I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance!

hi hi! hope all’s well otherwise :slight_smile:

just to confirm, the wifi troubleshooting steps for shields use ethernet and SSH to connect to shield via another computer on your network – windows computers should be able to complete these steps as well as a mac/linux machine. serial is only for standard aluminum norns units.

the nmtui, country code, and extended logs via journalctl in those docs should help illuminate where things are going sideways. past that, since network connectivity relies on the pi itself rather than the norns software stack, it could also help to search for any known connection issues with your pi model and your router.

I’ve had this same issue for as long as I’ve had my Norns shield. I narrowed it down to possibly being something to do with my router because I’m able to connect to my iPhone hotspot but not my house’s wifi network.

It’s a goofy workaround but if I’m downloading lots of scripts n such I’ll connect my phone to wifi and Norns to my phone. Then for transferring files I just use the hotspot function and it will connect directly to my MacBook.