NORNS Stock U.K. Power supply?

Probably an easy answer only I can’t find anywhere that does answer this. But U.K. users. Are you using an plug adapter or a raspberry pi power adapter.

None of my pi adapters deliver the 5.25V - 2A that comes with the Norns. As I’m not a fan of socket adapters just wondered what other alternatives there are?

Hi, I’m using a 5.1v 2.5a with no problems. I struggled to find one, but if you search ebay uk for ‘Official RPi 3 Black UK/ EU Power Supply 5.1V 2.5A’ they are out there. My Pi board is the 3B+.

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and this is on the stock Norns not the shield? I have a 3B+ power supply

Ah sorry, you did say stock Norns. Ebay uk or power adaptors uk normally have what I need but i’m seeing nothing for 5.25v 2a :frowning:

yeah its a funny voltage but i don’t want to blow the board - awaiting an adapter plug but it doesn’t look like you can just connect a regular pi supply into it…thanks for the help though :slight_smile:

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I use an adaptor on my Norns shield, but that’s to angle the power cord right for some strain relief. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I don’t know if this is recommended or stupid, but i plug the usb cable into an old iphone charger

On the stock version - sorry have to check

stock … 20 charssss

I’m in the US but I use the old 12W iPad chargers I have around the house.

5.2v - 2.4A with stock Norns and Shield. Plus they look nice! It uses a plug adapter of sorts. The new USB C iPad chargers with a C to Mini-B cable would be slick but we are entering luxury power adapter territory :robot:

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You are looking for a power supply with the correct voltage and sufficient amperage to feed your norns. 2.5 amps in this case will provide a bit more available power for hungry usb externals if needed.

The additional amperage will not be an issue, something under powered however would likely cause issues under heavy processor load.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong!

5V is fine btw, but a little higher is typically good for overhead.

the norns power system i believe is much more robust than a standard pi, but i would still suggest 2A or more.


Sorry to resurrect this but @JHC did you find an adaptor? Can you share? Cheers

In the UK I could only get a usb c one from the online pi shop…but I ordered a usb c to micro adapter and all is well

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Like this one:

Even though the ampage is 3a?

Let me double check in the morning…mine was white

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As mentioned previously, extra headroom on the supply’s max available amperage is a good thing.


Thank you! 20 characters

sorry to resurrect this old thread, as you can see above, I bought the official UK Rasberry Pi Power Supply and a USB C to Micro adaptor to connect it to my Norns Shield .
Its power rating is 5.1V 3.0A15.3W
I had been told that the extra power is good as an overhead of sorts, but I am just wanting to query something.

Is it possible that this Extra power is being transferred into excess heat on the Pi?

I ask because I am getting the three exclaimation signs when monitoring CPU ( !!! ) on the shield, even though the CPU percentage is itself not passing the 65% mark.

to try and reduce power, I have a Neotrellis board connected to my Shield that, I have just updated to the “Palleted” hex file so I can reduce the brightness, but the !!! seem to persist.

I just wondered if anyone had any advice?

In us

No, the extra allows the power supply to meet sudden peaks in demand, but it will only ever deliver what the Pi requests.