NORNS Stock U.K. Power supply?

@robbie , interesting info… so , in that case I would say my norns shield has a good power supply and reasonable throughput ot the usb ports…I wonder why I am still getting the !!! symbol ?

The “!!!” notification shows when the audio system has experienced an xrun error – meaning either there was too much or too little audio data to process – which you’d experience as glitches in the sound. It’s not directly related to CPU usage; it can also be caused by issues elsewhere like a problem with the running script or an installed mod.

oooh super interesting ,

(!!! is hard to look up on lines as it doesnt have enough characters :slight_smile: )

The script I am working on has no audio input , so I am guessing it could just be that …

thanks for the time and pointers.


Hey guys!
I just bought a stock Norns (in the UK).
The power supply is a raspi USB C which needs a little adapter to go into the mini USB B input.
I find the adapter a little wiggly and not incredibly secure.
I’m struggling to find a mini USB B PSU but have found this and a separate mini USB B cable which I think could work?

CELLONIC® 1 Port USB Charger UK-Plug 5V 3A 15W Charging Mains Wall USB Adapter Outlet Socket 100V-240V for Phone, Tablet, Speakers

Would this be suitable for standard Norns?
The 5v 3a USB output tells me it would but then it says 15W charging?

Does anyone else have any experience of a wiggly power input on standard Norns or is it the adapter?

Any help would be massively appreciated,
Much love

My schoolboy understanding of Watts is that it is simply volts X Amps … so 5v @ 3a will always be rated at 15W …unless ther eis more to it that I fell asleep or gazed out the window during class

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Okay sweet!
Should be fine then…

The official Raspberry Pi power supply is also available.

Unfortunately it’s not mini USB B so you have to use an adapter which I’ve found quite loose

Apologies, missed that you’re not on a Shield.

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I thought it ideally should be a bit more than 5v, like 5.2v or something? Or maybe that’s only shield. My stock Norns came with a power supply if I remember correctly.

Yah I think the official supply is 5.2V 2.5a but it didn’t come with the official supply annoyingly. It came with a raspi one but USB C with an adapter for the USB mini B which I just found a bit wobbly / awkward.
Finding it very hard to track down the exact spec…

20 chars of USB is USB, no?

It needs a certain voltage and amp to maintain performance.
It’s also a USB mini B connection for standard Norns.
So, USB is USB yah but in varying guises and power supply outputs vary dramatically, so finding the correct specification can be hard.

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The short answer is yes. The long answer is it’s complex.

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I’ve actually found that it’s the input that is wobbly.
I found a mini USB B cable and that was still wobbly when inserted to the power slot on the Norns.
When I move the unit the power just slips out?
Is that common problem?
Any solutions??

This kind of physically damage can happen when the unit is dropped while plugged in or the cable is pulled out accidentally hard.

A macro photo of the port might be helpful.

To fix something like this would require monome support or a good electronics repair person to desolder and replace the usb port.

Okay cool - so here’re a few photos.

I want to flag that the sound of the unit drops out when the power is removed as well. Even though the battery is showing 100%

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i just want to chime in that we’ve had a few reports of “wobbly” ports which are in fact totally normal: so it’s a reality of this component we’re using. do not expect a rigid super-tight connection (this is the same as on mini-usb grids). if there are connection problems, or the connector is broken off of the PCB, that’s a real problem.

so: don’t panic.


Thanks for the peace of mind :pray:

I have had this exact same issue too on my factory black Norns - loss of sound when the cable comes out. It seems like the usb connection is a tiny bit big to allow a tight lock. I’ve just taped down the usb cable to the table behind my Norns to ensure that knocks on the table / unit etc don’t accidentally dislodge the power.

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