Norns: studies

to be released on consecutive wednesdays. (links will be added here. content subject to change.)

these are to be a combined introduction to norns scripting and also lua at the same time.

  1. MANY TOMORROWS intro. basic syntax (variables, strings, math), command line, engine query/control. key and enc. if/elseif/else. comparison ops. debugging errors.
  2. PATTERNING screen drawing. control structures. tables.
  3. SPACETIME metro. measuring time. parameters. functions.
  4. PHYSICAL grids. midi. libraries. sync.
  5. STREAMS polls. OSC. files.
  6. softcut. ack.
  7. engine dev.

future: HID.


the day of the week Wednesday bears his name in many Germanic languages, including English.

Even though I am currently nornsless, I am looking forward to what Odin’s days provide.

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Thanks for this it’s going to be fun


it’s wednesday.



Yay for Norns-day and a super simple, yet musical, example.

Official Bring-your-Norns-to-work-day every Wednesday starting today.


THANK YOU for making this so very coding-beginner-friendly. I really appreciate it.


will there be a norns study on creating or norns-purposing existing SC engines? (I understand why there might not be, just curious tho)


I was curious as well and poked around in the repo. This should help:

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Did someone mention it was Wednesday?

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I had the volume inadvertently muted and was Thinking Really Hard about why this was a video of knob turning and button pressing without sound.


Tiny css nit, on the studies page, maybe some slight padding on the container, targeting small screens? Or not. Awesome work!

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So excited to follow these! Thanks!

So cool! Super excited to get my norns and follow these studies. I always learn something new with momome gear!

i just woke up so havent read anything yet but was there nothing on the Norns screen in the studies? Or am i still asleep? I heard sounds just nothing on the screen

nothing on the screen. drawing comes later i think.

thank you…

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If you feel bad you can reach into the SuperCollider demo script and copy the function that paints “Why?” on the screen which I did and it feels soooo much better even though its officially cheating.


thank you sir sir sir