norns study group project: p2p pirate radio

Pirate Radio

The norns study group Discord is turning 1 year old! To celebrate, we are experimenting with this new group project. Previously we worked on the song project. The pirate radio project seeks to build on our experiences with the song project, but is bigger, more ambitious, and more structured.

The Vision

p2p norns pirate radio: an educational project for new developers to learn how to code

The Team

  • Product Owner: @Obakegaku. The term Product Owner comes from agile software development practices. POs balance product (usable software) choices with various stakeholder, technical, and team constraints. They are ultimately responsible for shaping the product and ensuring all voices are heard.
  • Project Manager: @tyleretters. PM’s simply keep things on the rails. Since this is an educational project with volunteered time, the main role of the project manager will be ensuring the team has clear objectives and good tooling.
  • Tutors: @license, @jaseknighter, + others TBD. Several norns study group tutors have volunteered their time and pair up with tutees.
  • Developers: TBD. Sign ups are now open. If you’ve been on the fence about jumping in this is your chance!

The Tools

  • GitHub: this repository will house the script and will eventually be released on norns.
  • Kanban Board: The mvp (Minimum Viable Product) kanban board will be used to track work.
  • Text Editor: Bring your own text editor / IDE. If you don’t have one yet, your tutor will help you select one that fits your skill and aesthetic.
  • Command Line: Use the command line / terminal to commit your code. Again, your tutor will help you learn git.
  • norns / shield: :slight_smile:


Our target launch date is December 31st so we can ring in the new year like pirates! Signups are now open.


Raise your hand by September 30th if you’re interested in becoming a pirate. Once our crew is assembled we’ll have a short video kickoff call in the study! Signups for active developers are now closed.



thank you for setting this up @tyleretters! i’m super duper excited to participate in this effort. :heart:


Oh wow I’m extremely elated to see this come together!


Hey! This would be awesome to participate in and seems like a great project for where I’m at on my dev journey. I’m a not very active of the Norns discord but I am totally in.

:wave:t4: (My raised hand.)


:raised_back_of_hand:t2: I’ll jump on board this ship.

Enjoying the pirate associations: a shallow and functional hierarchy, risk / reward, collective praxis.


@Zeke_B YES! i’m so happy you’re in. stay tuned for a pairing.

@Syntheist thanks for your enthusiasm, interest, and jumping in! stay tuned for a pairing.


This so cool! I would really like to participate but I have zero dev experience and I don’t have a norns yet :sob:

Can super-newbs audit the project by following along on github? Will there be a dedicated room in the study group?


I’m interested! I’ve dabbled in some norns programming, but something like this should keep me accountable in actually delivering something.

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this looks like such an awesome project! excited to see what it becomes <3


I’d love to be involved :skull_and_crossbones:


Looks great count me in


@Taubaland @bezier @tbrooke ok - you’re all TENTATIVELY in. we’re out of tutors now so lemme see who can be summoned. also the team size at the top end of what i hoped (which is great). The two-pizza rule and the secret of Amazon's success | Amazon | The Guardian

@juje are you ok with swabbing the deck?

SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED but stay tuned for future signals. :eyes:


20 doubloons of y’arrrr.


Clarifying questions:
Is this for people with little/no coding experience?

I want to maximise the benefit of this for the community, if there are limited places (didn’t realise this when I made my first post) it might be better for someone else to take my spot.


yes, this is for all skill levels! you’re in the right place :slight_smile:


Bummer. Missed the boat on this because I only just got my weekly lines summary email. If a space opens up, then I’d love to participate…

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@radioedit we’ll do more stuff in the future. this isn’t the first and won’t be the last. i’ll also keep my eyes open for ways you (and others) can participate. maybe you could be one of our early beta testers and give feedback to the WIP?


Sure! Would gladly test and give feedback.


Damn! I arrived too late :´(

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wanna jump on the qa crew?

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