norns study group workshops - #2 (streaming, replay available)


despite universally difficult times, 2021 was a blast for the norns study group.

in addition to the usual encouraging vibe about scripting and norns-assisted music-making, it saw the emergence of, a tutoring program and pirate radio.

it’s now time to explore what the 2022 season has to offer…

>>> intoducing… workshops !

we collectively decided to organize interactive workshop sessions, gathering around a theme, a musician or a specific script.

if similar sessions happen from time to time on twitch, this format will allow better interactivity between the host and the attendees.

workshop #2, introduction to data sonification, by Duncan Geere (@radioedit) saturday august 20th!

link to event


Unfortunately i cant make it on the 14th. Wil there be anyway to watch it back?


yes, sessions will get recorded.


Woohoo! Looking forward to this!


20 characters of “So pumped for this!”


thank you @eigen and @zbs. i am super stoked and excited to help kickoff this new series.

for folks who plan to join, i’d be grateful for some feedback on the the focus for the workshop.

  • a general overview of the krill script
  • how to use the script’s mod matrix
  • integration with external gear (MIDI, crow, Just Friends, W/)
  • review of the accompanying study for beginning scripters

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would anyone like to volunteer to assist with the workshop this coming Saturday (5/14)?

mostly this will involve moderating the chat in discord and bringing questions to @jaseknighter’s attention as they arise.

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i am sooper excited to see you all at tomorrow’s norns study group workshop covering the krill script.

@Helen has very kindly volunteered to volunteer for tomorrow’s workshop. :hearts: :pray: :hearts:

also, i have one more survey for you:

i am most interested in learning about how to integrate the krill script with…

  • MIDI
  • crow
  • Just Friends
  • W/

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Multi-slacking is what I do best!


it is not that often that i actually laugh out loud these days. thank you @Helen. :hearts:

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brb writing 10am LA is 6pm London time in Sharpie on my hand

Looking forward to it!


folks interested in using midi for the workshop tomorrow should update the script as i just fixed a bug that prevented midi from working properly.


hey everyone!

running into some difficulty with the discord-based scope of events (namely, audio only lol) – we’re switching to twitch: Twitch

we may need a few minutes to get fully ready due to the late realization :sweat_smile:

we’re now live!


we’re up and running. come on and join!


thanks @jaseknighter for this awesome deep dive into krill, despite the last minute twitcheroo (call @license for this trademarked word use) and how it impacted the whole audio/video routing you had prepared.

(full disclosure: we discovered 15 minutes before the event that discord “stage” mode is audio-only and that the video chat it capped to 25 person…).

i’m personally still blow away by how the “screen” part is not just a scope but more a “lens” that conditions the interpretation of the sequence/modulation!


thank you @eigen! many thanks as well to @Helen, @zbs, and @dan_derks for their help leading up to and during the workshop.

i hope those of y’all who attended found the workshop informative and am excited to see and hear the music you make with the krill script.

the video stream of the workshop is being uploaded to Vimeo now. i’ll update this note when it is available for viewing.



the video from today’s krill walkthrough has been posted to Vimeo

here are approximate time stamps for the materials we covered together:

  • 0:00-43:11: seq (sequencer) menu
  • 43:11-50:20: scr (screen) menu
  • 50:20 - 56:20 : lrz (lorenz) menu
  • 56:20 - 1:28:24 : lfo menu and Rings external trig type
  • 1:36:00 - 1:47:44: eng (engine) menu
  • 1:47:44 - end: krill studies for beginner scripters

a follow up krill workshop will be streamed tomorrow (Sunday, May 15) on twitch.

tomorrow’s workshop will cover integration with external devices (midi, crow, Just Friends, W/) because we hit some technical bumps while reviewing these features during the session this morning.


:rotating_light:10 minute klaxon! :rotating_light:

The follow up krill workshop starts over at Twitch at 1000 Los Angeles / 1300 Boston / 1800 London / 1900 Stockholm

Edited to add: Thank you @jaseknighter for another deep and clarifying session! I was jumping in and out of the stream a bit, so will set aside some dedicated viewing time/space when the vod becomes available.


thank you so much for your assistance today @Helen and @eigen!

the 2nd video has been posted to vimeo:

here are the approximate time stamps for the materials covered:

0:00 - 37:07: external device integration (crow, Just Friends, MIDI, W/)
37:07 - end: mod matrix review

as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or issues you may encounter while reviewing the materials. :pray:


yeah, it happened, flash crash… crashed

there is norns/habitus coming, an exciting 2 days in-person workshop / seminar / concert around monome HQ.
but sadly it’s not physically possible to attend if you live far away…

but rejoice, the online norns study group workshop #2 is coming!

this one is by the amazing Duncan Geere (@radioedit) who will demonstrate how to turn raw data into sounds and melodies (i.e. “data sonfification”).

curator’s note: i in fact heard about Duncan way before getting into norns.
indeed, i have professionally worked in the field of data analysis and stumbled upon his work w/ admiration.
it was quite a pleasant surprise for me to encounter him again in the norns ecosystem!

one thing worth mentioning about Duncan is how he has put his skills to use for a good cause: tracking & presenting climate change and how decisions have influence over it.

you can find a selection of his output here:


Really excited to share some of my experiments in this workshop! I’ll show a few things I’ve made, talk a little about what I’ve learnt in the process, and then talk about how you can make your own sonifications - either with the loudnumbers script on Norns, or the Loud Numbers VCV Rack module.

Let me know if you have any questions!