Norns tape advancement bug?

i’m sorry for the confusion. norns has no clock. raspi has no clock. we tried timestamps in the first place (the obvious answer) and they were non-deterministic enough to be a real problem.


Would this just mean e.g. basing the filename on the count of files currently in the tape dir?

Any way to just have a spot where you could add say a 3 digit prefix to the numbering system that is user assignable? Or something like that. I think making naming any way unique could solv a lot of problems. This is a solution in many digital photo cameras. Obviously the 1 issue is the overwriting on Norns itself and the 2nd for me at least is archiving files and later putting them back on the Norns to use a script that I loaded samples into or so on and its impossible to figure out what 0001 file I’m looking for or my current renaming files to there actual number and archiving them all into a folder and not bowing 0007 is now 0348.


Twenty characters of a reset counter?

how about a prompt to save / discard your recording (after hitting stop) along with an auto-generated (adverb+noun) filename and the facility to edit it?

additionally/alternatively a warning if a file is about to be overwritten?