norns to bluetooth speaker

Hello there.

I normally connect the norns to an external speaker using a cable but recently my girlfriend bought a JBL flip 5 speaker and even though I was initially very excited about the possibility of taking the norns out w an external battery and connect it to the speaker w a 3.5 cable just found out that JBL has decided to remove the 3.5 jack ! ( why ?!) and here I am wondering if is there any option I can configure the norns so it can sent audio out via bluetooth. I think it can be done but im not so sure, any help would be appreciated, I also tried to find info in the forum but couldnt find anything.

This is also the 1st time I create a topic after a couple of years of just lurking around. cheers!

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With a Bluetooth USB adapter plugged into the Norns it should be possible. Might require some Linux knowledge to get it to work, and without changes to the Norns core library it would have to be enabled via the command line. Not sure what your programming knowledge is, but I could probably walk you through some stuff if you want to work on this.